What Do You Know About “Melody ThePsalmist”? Meet The Cameroonian Urban Gospel Artist!

You Are Reading: What Do You Know About “Melody ThePsalmist”? Meet The Cameroonian Urban Gospel Artist!

Melody ThePsalmist is one of the prolific Cameroonian gospel musicians that is blessing lives across the globe with spirit-filled songs.

Who is Melody ThePsalmist?

He is a singer, a vocalist, a songwriter, a rapper, and the founder of the Faya Works Movement. Melody ThePsalmist was born on 14 January 1987, by NDE ELVIS CHO, son of NDE TITUS and Atimdoh GRACE, a native of Mankon, Bamenda, as the third born of five children.

profiling with Melody ThePsamist
Melody ThePsalmist

During his primary and secondary school days, Melody ThePsalmist spent his primary school days in Bonaberi, Douala, then later moved to Mankon for his Secondary and high school, in GHS Mankon, Bamenda, and later studied Biochemistry in Douala University.

His Transformation

His quest to embrace the good news of Christ took over him in 2004 that was when Melody ThePsalmist, encountered Christ in Bamenda. But it was short-lived as he faced numerous temptations, which caused him to fall from grace.

This falling from grace took place when he came to Douala, he became slag with the things of the kingdom, he even got involved with acts like, smoking marijuana, drinking excess alcohol, in fact, and you can name the rest.

But the long-awaited miracle came in 2009 when his father was on his dying bed, one of his last wishes was for him to follow the ways of God.

God being the omnipresence located Melody ThePsalmist, again after the death of his father in 2010, the pressure was very high, everywhere he went to, the gospel was preached to him, until one day, he saw a guy, who was a “bad boy” too, but has changed his life, so he asked him, what happened to You?, and the guy replied “I am born again now”,

that’s how he surrendered his life to Jesus easily the second time and from that day, his life has never been the same again. In order to keep the fire burning in him.

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Melody ThePsalmist now fellowships at Full gospel mission, Ngwele Assembly, Bonaberi, Douala. He believes being among brethren will strengthen him in the faith, and also empower him to resist the devil in all forms.

Profililing with Melody ThePsalmist
Melody ThePsalmist

It is quite interesting to note that Melody ThePsalmist is not part of the choir, but singing is part of him. What he knows best is his piano; he is very good at it. Not also forgetting that music is an integral part of this young talented soul since his childhood as he recounted to IJA.

I presume you have been wondering why they call him “Melody ThePsalmist” well it originated from the word “melody” because he is always on the keyboard (piano), he always produced melodies, so they started calling him “melody”. Hope that clears your doubt! The above paragraph was for “Melody” now let’s talk about “The psalmist”.

It’s worth noting that when he became born again, he had special love for the PSALMS, that whenever he buys anything new, he will write a Psalms quotation on it, so the name “ThePsalmist” came into existence. To him “Melody” was very common, so he decided to combine it with another name, which now is “Melody ThePsalmist”.

I bet you also want to know how unique this young is, from his sound, his style, his vocals, in fact, it’s something new and unique that is to be introduced. He is currently working on a single titledBaBa do Good aka Makossa pour Jesus”, coming up very soon.

I urge you keep your ears alert for this mind blowing gospel hit coming from Melody ThePsalmist.

Conect With Melody ThePsalmist:

You Were Reading: What Do You Know About “Melody ThePsalmist”? Meet The Cameroonian Urban Gospel Artist!


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