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Wearing African Designs, Misrepresentation, Or Brainwash?

You Are Reading: Wearing African Designs, Misrepresentation Or Brainwash?

If you are not wearing a Louis Vuitton, Channel, Levis, Nike, Fendi, Addidas, Gucci just to name a few, then what are you wearing?

Have you watched a Nigerian traditional wedding? The Asoebi, the colours, the glamour and the African vibes?
The African culture is unique in all it’s ramifications from the cuisine, traditions, attire, language, culture to beliefs.

It is the uniqueness of the African culture that sets it aside from the rest of the world.
However, one must be apt to recognize that as humans, we are stronger in diversity and thus blend in cultures and styles.

Wearing African designs as Africans

The manner in which we as Africans are incorporating the Western culture especially the dressing style is outrageous. Yes! we need to blend our styles and different occasions require specific outfits. But come to think of it wearing a suit to an African traditional wedding! Well it may seem as fashion but an African to the core will frown at such a guest.

These days we as youths are very exploratory. We want to rock on the latest designers especially the ones celebrities wear.

We are so much caught into the trend that even to wear our own African fabrics that represents our roots is like a nurse on our shoulder. How I love to wear my kabas especially at home, the comfort and ease is something to pen down.

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Advantages of some African styled Clothes

During work presentations, I quickly slide into my ankara free wears and I am good to go, not being afraid if it is a perfect fit because its sure is.

I will not deny I wear Western foreign cloths but my unflinching love for African wears are unquestionable. Africans are beautiful but their style and fashion makes us better.

You should try to wear more of African designs and Taste the uniqueness sometime sooner. Merge it into formal occasion. Cheers to our African fashion brands who are hoisting the African flag in different countries across the continents.

Such brands need accolades, brands like Bisi Designs, DWear Fashion, DAN, BK designs, Besingi, Chaka, and many more.
What’s your view about the versatility of Ankara, toghu, and other African cultural pieces??


You Were Reading: Wearing African Designs, Misrepresentation Or Brainwash?

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