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Waste Disposal And Waste Management in Buea, What Can Be Done By You And I??

You Are Reading: Waste Disposal and Waste Management in Buea, what can be done by you and I??

Waste Disposal is a social problem affecting developing countries like Cameroon and its major cities are no exceptions.

While many people are yet to adapt to modern trends of carefully disposing of waste for general collection and disposal, some towns have literally lost their beauty because of the poor management of waste disposal.

Are you a Cameroonian who has traveled country-wide? Have you ever been to the town of Buea? I will tell you a thing or two about this Town of Friendship

Buea is the Capital of the South West Region of Cameroon.

The city is located on the Eastern slopes of Mount Cameroon and has a population of approximately 300, 000 people. It is home to the Bakweri people and hosts the Anglo-Saxon State University of Buea, one of its kind in the whole of central Africa.

Known as the City of Excellence, Buea sparks a massive attraction yearly due to its amazing sites. It stimulates an influx of thousands of people every February during the Mount Cameroon Race of Hope.

From the beautiful people to its stylish culture, Buea as a town is a place to be. But have you walked the streets recently? Hmmm, one would think that with urbanization, the town will not just be beautiful in infrastructures but also clean in the streets.

Buea has clean streets no doubt but sometimes you can hardly recognize the roads because of the horrible manner in which waste is being disposed of.

What is waste disposal and management?

Waste disposable is the collection, processing, and recycling or deposition of the waste materials of human society. Recycling? Hmmm, how many people even recycle waste in Buea.

Hysacam has been charged with the responsibility of carrying waste and disposing of it, sometimes before it does its job, the whole town is almost smelling. At worst, inhabitants do not even know how to dispose of this waste before it is finally collected by Hysacam.

Sometimes the junction of a quarter becomes a refuge center for dirt. Even at the market, you see heaps of dirt. How disgusting!! Have you walked the streets of Molyko and seen flies chanting and dancing while celebrating a feast of dirt? It is almost like a dirt festivals.

Buea is a beautiful place but it could be more beautiful if the issue of waste disposal is properly handled. While the public relies on Hysacam to disburse its due functions, I feel like inhabitants should as well devise means of disposing of waste for proper collection or even manage it.

waste management in buea
waste management

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Here are 3 ways to properly dispose of waste and manage waste.

1)Reduce the waste.

This simply means that inhabitants lessen the amount of trash and garbage they produce

2) Re-use the waste

This means using the materials from the waste that can be used again and not does stockpiling and accumulating. This helps to reduce the waste as well.


This is a process of creating new materials or products out of waste, trash, or garbage. There are recycling companies maybe not in Buea, but out of town. Partnerships could be formed.

This is just to keep the town beautiful and more friendly. When waste is properly disposed of and managed, the environmental benefits are enormous. Health benefits of clean environments There also the health advantages, to having a proper and neat environment. Diseases like malaria can be minimized and other diseases such as stroke, heart disease, cancer, and chronic respiratory disease that can easily affect older people and children will be curbed.

Let’s keep our environment clean. In what way do you keep your immediate environment clean??


You Were Reading: Waste Disposal and Waste Management in Buea, what can be done by you and I??

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