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Role Of An African man At Home: What Should And Shouldn’t Be?

You Are Reading: Role Of An African man At Home: What Should And Shouldn’t Be?

Different cultures exist in different parts of the world, different parts of the same country and more. What is acceptable in Africa might be shun in Europe.

Infact way of life varies across cultures. In the African context, although certain beliefs and traditional practices are mutual, there could be a vast variance. You may be amazed to know that in the same South West Region, different villages have different cultures.

Roles Of An African man At Home:

It is a generally acceptable culture in some villages in Africa and Cameroon in particular for young boys and men to do literally nothing at home while the girls and women work out their lives in Africa.

While some homes are stern in gender socialization processes, where the boys and girls are brought up differently, with the boys given preferential treatment, the girls are mostly relegated to the kitchen, taught the importance of the domestic sphere as the domain for girls.

Yet in other cultures, it is a two sided process. Both the girl and the boys are ushered equal opportunities to exploit and tap in their potentials.

It is against this backdrop that alot of societal ills litter communities just because of how certain cultures inculcate attitudes and behaviors in us.

It was a cold morning one day. Mummy had asked me to go behind a make the fire”. It was really cold so I told her to please give me sometime.
21st children, well you will be alright”. Those were her motherly understanding response.

When I am hungry I feel like a part of me will disappear. Hunger had pushed me out to make the fire behind.

Behold, I saw my neighbor washing cloths. And what is wrong with washing your cloths on a cold morning you may ask? Ohh no. Not his cloths but the cloths of his children. Yes! So?

And he is married. I pondered, where is his wife?
Well I greeted him; “Good morning my good neighbor, I can see you are washing your cloths“. Well he replied that there were his children cloths. So I asked where his wife was and he said she was sleeping.

Very shocked was I. I was so new to that. A man washing the children’s cloths while his wife was sleeping. I walked into my house and told my mum the scenario I just watched.

I was literally worried for the man. It was really cold. Why would he not be in bed with his wife?
How could his wife be sleeping and he is drinking all the cold?
Well, it wasn’t my business. But trust me where I come from should that guy’s mother pass and see her son washing clothes in cold, the foundation of that marriage will surely be shattered.

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Like how dare a woman be sleeping while her son is in the cold, in Buea during the rainy season.However, to his culture, it is normal to wash cloths, may be to assist his wife in domestic chores.

A man doing house chores is a no go zone at worst when married, it is totally unacceptable.

As a man, just go to work, come back eat, watch tv and have fun at night with your wife. It is a woman’s duty to take absolute care of the house.

Well what if the wife is tired, heavily pregnant or sick? Does the functioning of the house come to an end? It is only reasonable for men to know basic fundamentals in the domestic sphere. At least that is not too much to ask of him.

Today I had the opportunity to logically assess the entire situation and I feel like I wrongly judged the situation. It is not a taboo to wash your child’s cloth in the rainy season.

The wife who is expected to do same is also a human.

Societal construe should be fashioned in such a way that will accommodate both the man and the woman. What is not expected of the man should not be expected of a woman. If a woman is expected to care for her family the man too should be able to care for his family emotional, or at least assist around the house.

we will love to know if you think the same or otherwise please share your thoughts


You Were Reading: Role Of An African man At Home: What Should And Shouldn’t Be?

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Ajua Daniela Ngefac

I appreciate your point of view. And the fact that you admitted to have wrongly judged the scenario. While roles are important, I believe it is important for each couple to find what works for them as concerns their family. From a Biblical point of view, as long as husband is loving as Christ did the Church, and wife submitting as unto Christ, I think it’s all good. The Bible didn’t say man, work and woman cook. Lol.

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