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The Realities Of Christianity; Things You Probably Know But Don’t Live!

You Are Reading: The Realities Of Christianity; Things You Probably Know But Don’t Live!

Christianity from the word Christ has stood the test of time as It is practiced around the globe.

The foundation of Faith of Christianity includes repentance from sin, faith toward God, baptism, Laying on of Hands, Resurrection of the dead, Eternal Judgment, Perfection in Spiritual maturity, and Kingdom Living, living and acting like our King Jesus Christ.

Above all the Love of a great God who sent his son to die for my sins, our sins, so that we may repent and come into his bosom and reign with him above sin, and spread love to our world as ambassadors of his kingdom. Our manual is the bible, and our ever-present teacher is the Holy Spirit.

Living like the King means, creating an atmosphere where everyone around you thrives, becomes, and lives in their best. No one feels dominated, only a complementing of our individual uniqueness as given us by God.

In as much as Christianity spells out the above, there are still some Christian communities that abuse this structure. Some have taken it as their personal business and are domineering to others, manipulative and hypnotic.

Some people go into the call of ministry ( place of service) to exploit Christians. Place of service isn’t limited to church alone, it encompasses Education, Family, Government, Arts and Entertainment, Business, and Media.

Truth is, as Christians, we need to be discerning, else we’ll be stewed by men of the underworld, facading as Christ’s own. The bible calls them Wolves in sheep clothing (Mathew 7:15-23).

21st Century Christianity has its ills as did other dispensations before now. We are in a period of Christianity where Knowledge is what sustains us from deception.

It isn’t just enough to know, but put into practice and extend this atmosphere of knowledge and experience of God for self to others, this and only this will limit the negative practises hoarding within.

If not many Christians will be victims of diabolic practices, which such manipulators will back with the scriptures.

Some “men of God” have resulted to fetish means of performing miracles, deliverance, healing, and prophecy, as a tool to exploit some ignorance Christians.

Just as the word of God says; my people perish because of lack of knowledge. (Hosea 4:6) Knowledge will make us stand out and distinguish the false from the true without misguided generalization.

Psalms 133:1-3 declares that it’s pleasant for brethren to dwell together in harmony, for it gives off a sweet fragrance and creates an unceasing bond.

This is the reason Christians love fellowship together in service, bible study, prayer, worship, and praise all in a bid to increase their bond with themselves and God Almighty.

There are some people who do not even know about Christ nor how to live as a believer in Christ, so we have to teach them kingdom truths especially if these set of people are eager to know.

The Bible says in John 14vs 6 …And Jesus answered “I am the way the truth and the life, No one comes to the Father if not by Me.

My Question to you reading this piece of work is; are your ways right in the eyes of the Almighty? How has your life been a blessing to others even to make them better and see themselves as worthy?

Have you shown people to the light of Christ? Have you been a comfort to hurting people in your community or a giver and nurturer to the needy? which the Bible identifies as true religion in James

Have you revealed the love of Christ to people in your words, actions, thoughts?? Proverbs 14vs 12.

Think about it, let’s be dispersers of the true meaning of Christianity and kingdom living.

You Were Reading: The Realities Of Christianity; Things You Probably Know But Don’t Live!

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Stella Bercley Eyabi

Simply undiluted truths of that kingdom
I’m loving this

Ebot Taku Ako

Spectacular! The energy is worth it.

LP TheBlogger