The Marketplace Shift: Silas A. Achu Shares Insights Into His New Book

You Are Reading: The Marketplace Shift: Silas A. Achu Shares Insights Into His New Book

The art of writing is a form of communication, and Pastor Silas Achu has embraced this path with all his mind and being.

TheNoble Mag caught up with him in an in-depth interview, about his journey in making his new book “The Marketplace Shift” a reality. He shared the following salient information about himself and his inspiration.

marketplace shift
Silas A. Achu

Who’s Silas Atia Achu?

I am a pastor, a trainer, and a life purpose and leadership coach. I am also an author. My passion is to equip Christians to become effective ministers and leaders in the marketplace so that they can extend God’s Kingdom and bring transformation in their spheres of influence.

I am married to Vivian Atia, a relationship counselor, and coach and we together help people build healthy relationships and strong marriages.

When did you know it was time to write this book?

I knew it was time to write this book when I realized (about 2 years ago) that after close to 10 years since I first understood the concept of marketplace ministry, many people (Christians) still had no clue what it was and how it applies to them.

I noticed several times many Christians did not understand what I was talking about, whenever I talked about the concept of Christians doing ministry in the marketplace.

Why Marketplace Shift?

The inspiration for the title came from what it means to repent, which is to have a change of mind, which leads to a change in direction.

This is because what I share in the book will need such a radical change in people’s perspectives about many aspects of their Christian life. In fact, after I shared the first manuscript with my book editor/producer, when he began reading it, he himself confessed that his mind really experiences a shift. He could not stop reading it!

Tell us more about this book?

The Marketplace Shift I am talking about will come about by implementing a Paradigm Shift in Five Different Aspects of your Christian Life.

These five different paradigm shifts or five different mindset shifts that must happen is what is needed for any Christian to begin to make an impact in the Marketplace for the Kingdom of God.

If you want to know what the five paradigm shifts are, you will need to get a copy of the book and read it for yourself.

What are some special phrases in this book?

There are many phrases but the ones that are very special are the scriptures. One says whatsoever you do, do it for the glory of God! Another says surely, no matter what you are doing (speaking, writing, or working) do it all in the name of Jesus our Master.

There is another that says whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men. (I am paraphrasing; you can find these words In Col 3:17, 23, and 1 Cor 10:31.)

These phrases hold a special place in my heart because, they summarize everything that should define what doing ministry, as a Christian is all about. There is no split between sacred and secular; everything about lives is an act of worship and ministry unto God – everything!

What experience and who inspired you?

I have had several experiences that inspired this book. Firstly, my experience when someone hired me for a job and was shocked when he discovered I was a devout Christian.

Because I was a dedicated and productive employee. He never believed someone could be so spiritual and be so productive in their work. He always knew Christians were the laziest and most unproductive people to work with.

Secondly, as I mentioned earlier when I realized many Christians have no concept of how they can blend their faith with the work they do at their job sites or businesses.

What is the key theme of this book?

The key theme and message of this book is this: 97% of Christians who come to church every Sunday have a huge ministry waiting for them from Monday to Friday at their job sites and businesses.

They need to awaken to that ministry and be equipped to carry it out. The message to any Christian reading this article is this: Arise, your workplace is your ministry, your business is your ministry, your mission field is right where you are at this moment.

What is the take-home message you want your readers to carry on?

I hope people will realize that the manifestation of the Sons of God we preached every Sunday is not going to happen in the four walls of our churches, but on the streets, and in the marketplace where the average Christians spend the majority of their time.

As pastors, we should be equipping them for that ministry and not just for ministry in the four walls!

Tell us about the process for coming up with the book cover?

Well, it is kind of a long story but I will just say this; my graphic designer was simply amazing. He perfectly captured the concept by depicting a person whose mind is being transformed for impact in the marketplace!

He got it on the first attempt and I did not need to make any further adjustments! You should use him if you need a good graphic designer.

Do you write while listening to Music?

Yes, I do listen to music when I write. I listen sometimes before writing. I listen to worship music especially soaking worship songs. I particularly listen to music by either Hillsong or Bethel Music.

I cannot tell of a particular song, because they were a couple of them. However, the song What a Beautiful Name by Hillsong was one of the key ones and a range of Bethel Soaking Music collections.

What were the key challenges you faced writing this book?

I faced quite a number of challenges. The first challenge was what to exclude from the book. There was too much to write about, but I had to limit it and include just what was necessary for now.

I might write more books on the same subject but with a focus on specific areas and for specific categories of people. This was more like an introduction meant for everyone, pastors, members, and people from all works of life.

The second challenge was the discipline to write. This is my second book published, but it was not in any way easier than my first book.


What should be expected during the Launch?

The book launch is going to feature a special panel discussion on Marketplace Ministry with some amazing speakers on the panel. Participants will be able to ask them questions about their experiences in the marketplace.

Many deep insights to gather from there, there will be refreshments too. It will also be a great networking event for Christians to meet other like-minded believers; believers who doing great exploits in the marketplace in business, education, arts and entertainment, and all other spheres of influence in society.

Any last words for TheNoble Mag Readers?

Thank you for the interview and keep doing what you do. I leave you with this quote from page 110 in the book

“Do what you do well for the Glory of God; do it somewhere strategic for the Mission of God”.God bless you all!

Page 110, Marketplace Shift.

###The End###

Need of copy of The Marketplace Shift by Silas A. Achu? Buy on Amazon HERE, or get in touch: +237 670440183 +237 696609919

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You Were Reading: The Marketplace Shift: Silas A. Achu Shares Insights Into His New Book

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Very insightful interview. This book will surely go places

Irene Achu

I have learnt a lot just from reading this book my ideas about ministry have shifted from an unproductive Christians to a productive Christian in the market place.

Edmond Ngolui

Wow! this is good!
I enjoyed reading the question and answer sessions.
Imagine this much knowledge in a book, reading it day in day out.
Prepared for a Mind Shift