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The Gunman Becomes A Saint

You are reading: The Gunman Becomes a saint.

What did he not do to get there, he eventually did everything in his might, but all was vanity.

Walk with me as I unfold the story of the gunman who became a Saint, let’s call him James. I hope you enjoy it as we move gradually!

Which city did he not go to to make this success a reality, but it did not work as he planned?

He narrates “I have held the gun, I have tried doing scamming because I had friends who are into it, all they told me was that I should get a smartphone but I do not know what was preventing me from joining the scamming group”

“There came a time when my friends and I were ready to enter any fetish place to fortify ourselves for the scamming venture, I don’t know what happened, but right now I believe God had a reason,” said James.

He continued “before I got myself into the gun issue and other dirty stuff, luckily I had someone who entrusted his building project in my hands, I was controlling everything.

Unfortunately, because of native belief, my mother said the person wants to use me for money rituals. Because of ignorance and fear on my side, I foolishly avoided this person, and that was the beginning of my journey of emptiness.

Now I regret I missed my chances of being helped by maybe “My destiny Helper” as people commonly refer to such people. But I also wonder sometimes if my Mom was seeing something beyond me.

This was the point I was at loggerheads with my mom, because of this, which resulted in some years of dead air between the two of us. That said and done, I found myself with the gun, defending a country via a course that has taken many lives and is still taking lives.

Journey to Sainthood

I am just happy I have dropped the gun and embraced the gospel of Jesus Christ, and now I am a Saint, loved by Abba Father.

But before being a Saint, I went under serious deliverance from all the fetish things I involved myself in to defend the course of my country. I have realized that taking the shortcut to succeed is disastrous because you will end up inviting unclean spirits to yourself”

Permit me to come in here, what is that gun you are holding up to, that you don’t feel like releasing, I just hope the story of the gunman will inspire you to drop it. It can be in the form of jealousy, hatred, and other evil things.

Life in Christ

James concludes by saying “all I need now is a job, so I can provide some of my needs, I also believe in the months or years ahead I would love to enroll in driving school.

Also, my mom and I now are on good terms, I want to appreciate her because she played a big part in my newfound life and faith in Jesus Christ.
Life in Christ is simply amazing and direction-packed. You can never go wrong, God aligns you each step of the way, as you give him allowance too. Trust your process and get your reward, the worthy way.

You were reading: The Gunman Becomes a saint.

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