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Teks Global Partner’s With Lyte Studios To Widen Its Influence

You Are Reading: Teks Global Partner’s With Lyte Studios To Widen Its Influence

In a vision to promote its development activities in Cameroon, Teks Global popularly known by all goes in partnership with the Lyte Studios.

They are also known for their agricultural and entrepreneurial impact in communities and in the life of youths in the area of investment and startups and education,

where they offer short courses in the area of business management and other entrepreneurial ventures.

In an interview with the Lyte studios, they had the following revelations to make about the partnership and possibly how it benefits both parties.

TNM: Lyte Studio partnership with Teks Global, tell us more?

Lyte Studios: The partnership requires Lyte studios to provide high-quality Adverts for the Agricultural Investment giant Teks Global to spread their activities across the national territory.

TNM: What do Lyte studios stand to gain in this partnership?

Lyte Studios: Lyte studioshas been in the audio Production industry now for over 4 years and it’s still growing bigger each day. Having a partnership of this magnitude will help Lyte studios achieve exposure and credibility in the marketing domain.

TNM: What are the terms of this partnership?

Lyte Studios: To provide high-quality Adverts that accurately and easily represent Teks Global to its investors.

TNM: What other service will the Lyte Studios offer to Teks Global?

Lyte Studios: Lyte studios will also be required to give professional advice as far as Advertisement is concerned in the digital market.

TNM: How did Lyte Studios get in contact with Teks Global?

Lyte Studios: Lyte studios have worked with Teks global sometime last year through one of its Marketing managers. It was during this period that the idea was presented to Teks Global by the Lyte studios management.

TNM: When was this partnership signed?

Lyte Studios: The partnership was signed at the beginning of 2021. Lyte studios are currently working with Teks Global on sending out their first audio advertisement.

TNM: Which other partners does the Lyte studios have?

Lyte Studios: Lyte studios are also in several partnerships with well-known institutions like Media Mansion, Highland Records, iJesusAfrica for Kites To Planes MG, and Light of Life World Outreach Missions.

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You Were Reading: Teks Global Partner’s With Lyte Studios To Widen Its Influence

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Ebot-Taku Ako

Very necessary! That’s great Lyte Studios, a very great step to widen your scope. Great move also from Teks Global.