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Social Media: A Cause For Unnecessary Stress.

You Are Reading: Social Media: A Cause For Unnecessary Stress

Recently a lot of things have changed. Technology too has drastically evolved.

Social media gives us the opportunity to know almost everything we want to know at anytime.

We stay in our rooms knowing what is happening with a friend in Europe.

But of significant intrigue is the recent trend of people trying to belong especially in lifestyle.

Youths are glowing all over social media handles. In fact on social media, everybody is a happy soul.

But how true is this?

social media
social media

I watched statuses from my contacts of how life is a cruize, how life couldn’t get be any better. Yet in private conversations with them the stories aren’t the same.

They will weep bitterly and wish they had another life.

So what exactly is the need for uploading fake and untrue lifestyles?

Some say it’s to make other friends know they too are slaying in life. Others claim its just fun.

But these could have drastic impacts on viewers

While others have ended up being depressed, others have felt they are failures seeing the supposed achievements of others.

My younger cousin was telling me a story of how her classmate copied the picture of food from another classmate claiming it was him enjoying and having fun. The said classmate screenshot the act and reposted calling on youths to abstain from fake lives.

I was with a close friend of mine. I shared the incidence and he added that he had witness such too but his friend begged him not to reveal the act in their social fun group. How hilarious!

Is it just to impress? Show one’s self to be all happy? Riddicle others?

We all have our lives and can not restrain others from uploading contents they deem fit.

The way forward

While a fake life is bad, viewers should understand that each person’s life is not just different but unique.

We should learn to believe in ourselves and celebrate with others yet celebrate our own wins no matter how small they are.

Do not get freak out by what you see, also do not compare your achievement with others.

You might be shocked to know that you felt bad about yourself for things that do not even exist. Accomplishments that are nowhere to be found.

Do not be sad just enjoy each moment with yourself and stay focus. Life tastes more when we appreciate ourselves and feel fulfilled.

Being happy with one’s self is all that truly matters and not how others see you.

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You Were Reading: Social Media: A Cause For Unnecessary Stress.

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Ajua Daniela Ngefac

This is so true. We must be intentional about keeping our eyes and hearts within our own lane. Thank you for the timely reminder

Ebot-Taku Ako

Perfectly written and very facts!

Ebot-Taku Ako

True facts*