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Rainy Season Outfit: The Perfect Clothes To Wear

You Are Reading: Rainy Season Outfit: The Perfect Clothes To Wear

Personally, I love the rainy season. That’s when you look fresher. The rubbing oil blends and you are always all so fresh.

But this season comes with its own bag of trouble as everything is said to have an advantage and a disadvantage.

The rainy season is that season of the year when the weather gives you chills, leaving you addicted to thick clothing.

It is that season when the common cold becomes the order of the day and if you are not smart enough to prevent it from coming to you, you will end up all sick.

The rainy season comes with alterations which has to be done to the way you would dress on a regular day.

From the uncertainty about whether to decide if to carry an umbrella or to what exactly to wear to feel warm and comfortable.

Have you ever woken up to a bright day and then while away from home heavy rain starts falling?

If you get a shelter to shield yourself from the rain then great. But I am not too sure if you will survive the cold.

While it is always important to carry your umbrella at all times during the rainy season, here are tips on what to wear during the rainy season.

The perfect clothes to wear during the rainy season.

  • Rain Jacket to always keep you warm
  • Rubber shoes or waterproof footwear to avoid being destroyed by rain water
  • White is a great color but during the rainy season, go for other colors instead of white as they don’t get dirty easily.
  • Always put on long trousers to avoid getting wet and your body being splashed with water.
  • Wear sweaters or sweatshirts when cold. The essence is to keep you warm.
  • Women could carry in their bags a shower cap. Your hair too is important

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You Are Reading: Rainy season outfit: The Perfect Clothes To Wear

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