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Marriage Feminization: Totally unacceptable

You Are Reading: Marriage Feminization: Totally unacceptable

A lot of girls and women have fallen prey to societal pressure on why they are unable to get married after they have passed a certain age.

The joy of every parent is to have their daughter get married. Sometimes whether it is a marriage that will cost the girl’s head, it remains of no consequence.

A lot of young girls have learnt lessons the hard way while others have been turned into motivational speakers due to the situations they find themselves in, because of rushing into the wrong home, for fear of being stigmatized and labelled as old without being married.

Societal constructs have portrayed that women have a specific age limit which they must have gotten married. Failure to do so means they are almost less of a woman.

Societal Pressurising Views

Comedy shows will even highlight that at the age of 35 years girls will pray to God begging Him for anything in the likeness of a man to save themselves the shame. They humorously depict women over that age range to be the “massa na massa” type of girls.

However, I hold a different opinion to all this. I think that marriage should not be feminized. Marriage involves two, a man and a woman.

When men are unsuccessful, the society sugar coats the situation explaining how the economy is unfavorable and how things could get really difficult.

Everyone is cajoled to understand with the men. But the situation is indifferent with women. Marriage has turned to be feminized. It is now a woman’s thing.

When a girl is unmarried after a certain age, people do not just begin to ask questions but they also start pointing fingers, attributing all sort of negative explanations as to why they are unable to get married.

Women should not be pressured into getting married between stipulated periods of time and the man is free to be unsuccessful and stay free as he so wishes.

It is only when a man is ready that he decides to settle down with a bride. So if women keep getting older without getting married, we should be asking the men to tell us more.

Considerations of a woman

Marriage is not a do or die affair.

Women should be given the opportunity to marry because they consider their partner to be someone who will walk by their side throughout their lifetime or because they are getting old or running out of time. The repacautions of choosing the wrong spouse are worse off than not marrying at all.



You Were Reading: Marriage Feminization: Totally unacceptable

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