Marketplace Shift By Silas A Achu: An Appraisal of the Book Launch!

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After a successful launch of the Marketplace Shift by Pastor Silas Achu, the outstanding pastor and writer granted TheNobleMag an interview to give an appraisal of how the launching unfolded.

TNM:  Marketplace Shift launching: Your Appraisal?

Pastor Silas Achu: My overall appraisal of the book launch is that was a great success. I am deeply satisfied with everything that took place during the book launch and even after it.

I later discovered that several people forgot the date and wished they had received personal reminders the day before, but unfortunately, with the different activities I needed to put together for actual event to go well, I did not have time to send personal reminders to people 24hrs before the event. However, I am still gladly satisfied with those that came for the book launch.

TNM:  What were the main discussions on board at the launch?

During the launch, there were two key moments, the panel discussion and my presentation on my mission / vision for the book.

During the panel discussion, the key takeaway was there need for Christians to be awakened to knowledge that ministry is for EVERYONE and ministry happens EVERYWHERE, not just in church.

Ministry is not only when you are preaching behind the pulpit; ministry happens when you are serving as a waiter in the restaurant, ministry happens when you are working as a bricklayer in a chantier, and ministry happens whenever and wherever we provide goods and services in the marketplace. That is what marketplace ministry is all about. There should be no separation.

On my presentation, I main message was the vision to see thriving enterprises in the marketplace that promote kingdom values. My main mission moving forward is to help CEOs, Founders and Entrepreneurs with the Right Tools to Build a Thriving Business that Promote Kingdom Values.

I shared on eight (8) keys Steps, which I have developed to help them accomplish that and I gave an invitation to five (5), people (CEOs, Entrepreneurs, leaders) who like me to work with them on these. The invitation is still open!

TNM:  In terms of sales, what can you highlight? as in the turnout.

Considering the number of people present, I can say the sales were impressive. The interest generated after the event itself was also very impressive.

TNM: About your Mom, can you tell us more about her contributions to the markcetplace shift launching?

My mum has always been my number one supporter! For this book launch, I did not want her to do anything. I just wanted her to relax and be proud of her son; we tried to do everything without the need for her active involvement.

However, my mum will never allow that to happen, because she must always be involved in one way or another to support me. She did get involved and made available some of the snacks that the participants ate during the launch.

TNM:  I understand this book is on Amazon, tell us more.

Yes, you can get the book on Amazon in book Kindle and Paperback; and the book will be delivered to you in the US, Canada, Europe, and wherever you are. Here is the link: The Marketplace Shift

TNM: How is the price now, compared to how it was sold at the launching ground.Or no changes?

The official price of the book is 5,000 CFA.

To order, Call/SMS/WhatsApp: 670 440 183 or 696 609 919

The launch price was 10,000 CFA (min) and I gave a FREE copy of my first book called Dreams to Reality to everyone who launched the book. You can also get a copy of Dreams to Reality on Amazon via this link: Dreams to Reality

TNM: Other key information you think should be included about the launch. Will be welcomed

Those who missed the launch can watch the live event on my Facebook profile. The event was streamed live on Facebook from beginning to event.

The media team is still working on the edited videos of the key moments of the launch like the Panel Discussion, the Musical Performance by Minister Brian, and my Presentation on the Vision for the Book. These will be uploaded on my Facebook pages and YouTube Channel for people to watch, once they are ready.

For those, who cannot wait, they can head to my Facebook profile to watch the live video. Others can wait for the professionally edited videos of the key moments of the event.

I was on HiTV on Monday the 14th of June from 11 am to 12:30 pm to talk about the book, on the program Excellence Impact.

Reviewing the Marketplace Shift.

The Marketplace Shift, published in 2021, was written by Pastor Atia Silas Achu. it is considered the book that is set to revolutionize the perspective of ministers of the gospel in the ministry at the workplace.

It is also set to see thriving enterprises promoting Kingdom Values in the Marketplace. It is a handbook for raising worshippers and ministers who work. It is a workplace productivity resource, the perfect companion to build a thriving organizational culture in your business.

Take note that the marketplace shift is also out to showcase how relevant it is to understand that ministry itself is a business, you need this handbook to identify that part of the ministry that deals with business.

There are ministers who are yet to understand how to do business while in their workplace. I will say it is an eye opener to the Christian family.

Also, Pastor Silas Achu has a strong apostolic anointing for kingdom business and this book Marketplace Shift is the road map or guidebook for many with a similar calling who shy away from their call. This book is out to inspire action in readers and provoke a strong apostolic movement of Kingdom businesspersons who will transform the economy of nations.

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In the mountain of education, we need teachers who allow God to use them to deliver the lessons. God should not be pushed out of the classroom, but rather be standing in the front giving the lesson.

But how will He do that? Through teachers who approach teaching as a ministry, and calling from God and not just a career to earn a living (page 123, Marketplace Shift).

What I personally like about this book is the fact that this book is out to empower ministers, Christians and young aspiring businesspersons to engage themselves in real business. I also believe it is going to reduce the rate of ignorance in some gospel believers who are yet to understand their vision in the business world.

I would have loved to give some critics about this book, but there is none I can lay my hands on because this book knows its target and it went for it. But what I am afraid of is that will other denominations accept this book for what it preaches? Reasons because there are ministers who are still in the darkroom, they are yet to see the light of multitasking.

Some believe concentrating on God’s work is what they were called for But lately, there are pastors who apart from preaching the gospel, are into different things because some Christians sometimes suspect they live only on their offerings.

So some Christians will not give either offering or tithe, because they think their pastor is living fat with the church money. So I believe the marketplace is here to eradicate that.

To round up this review, a book like this in the generation we are, is a plus especially for young talented Christian youths who are ready to engage their workplace with the marketplace shift mentality, I believe in five years time, Christians who engage this book and follow the principles, they will not regret it.

That’s why I will mark this book on ten, I will give it Nine. Reasons because it has a target audience and some of these audiences find it sometimes hard to engage their business ventures, but this book is a stand-by guide and solution to that problem.

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You Were reading: Marketplace Shift By Silas A Achu: An Appraisal of the Book Launch!

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