Importance Of Attending Workshops

You Are Reading: Importance Of Attending Workshops

“Weli, there is this workshop I am inviting you to attend. It is at 10am. Hope to see you there tomorrow.”

“Alright Ynda, I will be there”.

These are a few conversations I use to have with a big friend of mine who makes sure I miss no opportunity in attending a workshop, especially empowering ones.

The virtue of knowledge

To her, knowledge is indispensable and must be chased at all cost.

Guess what! When she started inviting me, for fear of questioning if I refuse not to attend, I will just accept I will be there.

However, I rarely showed up.

Impact on good friends

You know what they say about friends who are blessings in our lives.

She never felt discouraged.

All workshops online concerning my Career path, she kept sending links for me to register and attend.

The day came and I decided to go see for myself why workshops are so important that she incessantly sent me updates.

It was a rainy Saturday morning.

Unlike me who shivers at the slightest wind blow, though reluctant, I was prepared that morning to attend “The Virtuous Women’s Conference”.

I took my bath, dressed up and off to the street I went in search of whatever I would meet there.

At the workshop, alot of knowledge was dished out. But mind you, I did not just learn how to be a Virtuous woman, my importance in my community, how I can spice my life and glow, I was also inspired.

I also made new friends and talked alot about life with them.

In all, I felt relieved. Hmmmmm! There was plenty to eat and drink too.

At the end of workshop, I turned behind to smile at my big friend who was shocked that I finally attended the workshop, I didn’t see her.

Ohhh ohh she had left.

Exciting highlights

When I got home, I couldn’t let her phone be with exciting moments at the event.

All she said was “I hope to see more of you”. And I giggled with a yes.

Eversince then, I take attending workshops seriously.
To summarize the story, each workshop comes with a whole lot of packages.

The skills to learn, knowledge to attain, meeting new people, opportunity to pitch your idea, growth, progress, and expand.

“Workshops lessons have the potentials of advancing our careers and enhancing our decisions.”

You can never attend a workshop and leave the same.

While some are totally free, others are self funded.

Know what you want and rush after it. Workshops are worth it.

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Have you ever had any experience from attending a workshop?? What was it like??

Drop your comments HERE, let’s share in your experience.

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You were reading: Importance Of Attending Workshops

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