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Ideal Theatre Troupe: The Future of the Cameroon Film Industry

You Are Reading: Ideal Theatre Troupe: The Future of the Cameroon Film Industry

Hosted by the University of Buea Centre for Research and Teaching of the French Language-CURELF, the Ideal Theatre Troupe team has risen up to a brand in Theatre Arts in the Southwest Region Headquarters, Buea.

They are known for their performance on stage, drama, poetry, dance, and other artistic displays. In an in-depth interview with the Director of Fointama, Enow Bismack, he had the following revelations for lovers of arts and the readers of TheNoble Magazine;

TNM: So Bismack! Why Fointama and what is it all about?

Enow Bismark
Enow Bismark

Bismack: One of our objectives as a troupe is to showcase the culture of Cameroon through our performances. This guided the choice of Fointama, we needed something traditional, something about our culture, and thus the choice of the play.

I choose the play FOINTAMA so I could add my voice to a period in society when sexual violence is on a steady increase and the call globally for women to have a say in society as to what concerns them. Though adapted to suit this purpose the play right had on the table a very touching play ready for impact on society

TNM: Who should we expect on stage?

Bismack: Some of the cast you will see on stage are;
Cyril Obasse an all-around actor… Both into film and theatre
Embe Sillo with popular stage name Mrs. Man for her wonderful delivery for Bossing the boss
Enow Bismack a theatre and film actor
Tiafack M. Tongka theatre director and versatile actor
And a host of other actors with wonderful talents

TNM: Tell us about Ideal Theatre Troupe?

Bismack: The Ideal Theatre Troupe (ITT) was created by Ndifor Melvis and Ade Joseph on the 19th of November 2014 in Buea-South West Region of the Republic of Cameron.
ITT has a mission to revive the theatre culture in Anglophone Cameroon in particular and Cameroon in general, to use theatre as a medium for edutainment (education and entertainment), showcase the culture of Cameroon/Africa, and provision of jobs to some youths.

TNM: What other activities can we find at Ideal Theatre Troupe (ITT)?

Bismack: Aside from regular theatrical performances, ITT Buea carries out Theatre for Development interventions in communities aimed at concretizing and sensitizing the population. We equally carry out Theatre in Education in schools from the Primary to University levels around the Southwest Region with ‘‘Theatrics’’.

TNM: Since its creation, how has the journey been?

Bismack: Like everything arts in Cameroon, it’s been challenging and at the same time interesting. We have been to several cultural festivals like the Southwest Cultural festival, FESTAC, and FENAC. With regards to what we have done, we have successfully performed 15 full plays from writers like Mfone Nde Zama, Mathew Takwi, Helen Paul, Kelvin Ngong, among others, and several sketches. Aside from the ‘‘Theatrics’’ project, we have other scripts from prominent Cameroonian writers, we have in the pipeline, hoping to realize them soonest. Information worth noting about the event location!

Once known as Alliance Franco, but It’s no longer Alliance Franco but now called the University of Buea Centre for Research and Teaching of the French Language-CURELF. We also accept and deliver command performances at cultural and social events. Ideal Theatre Troupe equally trains actors with support from the Regional Delegation of Arts and Culture for the South West Region, train stage technicians, and director.

TNM: Where can the public access your works apart from coming live?

Bismack: The public can access our performances through our social media handles;

TNM: What other projects are in the pipeline?

Bismack: We intend to have about 3-4 theatrical performances between now and the end of the year, hoping to start the ‘‘Theatrics’’ project this coming school year, hoping on touring some regions of Cameroon with some of our performances and start a drama contest in Cameroon.

TNM: How has the engagement from the public been since this initiative started?

Bismack: For the past two years, the support from the audience has been encouraging, the reason we keep coming back with better and more interesting performances.

TNM: How does Ideal Theatre Troupe raise funds for her projects?

Bismack: ITT Buea sponsors herself exclusively! But we are hoping to get other sponsors on board because we have a lot, we wish to do in the Southwest region, our base, and the country in general, and even out of the country.

TNM: What more do you want to throw light on?

Bismack: For now, none but we wish to use this medium to call on theatre troupe/companies operating in Cameroon, the need for us to come together and revival the theatre industry of Cameroon

TNM: it was a pleasure having you.


You Were Reading: Ideal Theatre Troupe: The Future of the Cameroon Film Industry

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