How To Pray To God: 1 Way To Pray

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A beautiful Wednesday evening it was and so was I excited to spend some time before the Lord as any time spent with God is quality time.

 I did not want to attend my own church evening midweek service so I took another road, heading to another Bible believing church, to get the same word raw, fresh and undiluted yet from a different interpretation.

how to pray to God

Hmmmmm! From the road I could hear neither talking nor singing.

 Well I however continued my journey.

I was a devoted Christian that evening seeking the word of God with all readiness of heart.

Finally, I got to church and the doors were closed. No sight of any person.

Hmmmmm! again. I was disappointed but not discouraged.

Hahahaha I had already been used to taking another road from my church.

So I recalled I knew another church just around the same area.

Alright, I set my feet towards its direction. It was not too long when I arrived the said church.

I saw beautiful young girls and women all knelt praying to God.

I stood and watched for a while then I took a sit.

Not so long, the girls and the women retreated from the pulpit to their sits.

Then one elderly woman walked to my sit entreating me to join them infront.

What a receptive spirit it was for me and so I gladly joined her.

The next prayer topic was made and everybody was expected to move infront to the alter.

I joyfully followed, eager to pray to my God.

Interestingly, I sat beside the same woman who asked me to join the others.

I knew what I had to chat and discuss with God.

It came from my heart. It was an honest conversation to be ensued.

Guess what! Before I could put the right words, I heard this voice telling me the words to pray and tell God.

I quickly opened my eyes. Behold it was the same elderly woman.

I thought that was all. But no she kept shouting and insisting I used her same words.

It was at this point I had to pause for some minutes to get my thoughts straight.

I had come to church because I wanted to fellowship with God. I have my things I want to talk about with God.

Why would another person be forcing me to tell God what she wants?.

It was shocking to me. I quietly told God the things I had in my heart and good enough service ended.

On my way back home I had to ponder on a lot of issues.

How to pray to God?

Are we to pray according to what and how our Pastors, Deacons, Deaconesses, Elders, Bishops, Reverends, Pope just to name but these tell us?

 Are their words too holy as opposed to what we have from our hearts? The questions were many.

However, I was satisfied because I had told God my mind.

That was the first and last time I attended the church. I do not know if I want to visit there again but I am sure I am always happy in the presence of the Lord.

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You were reading: How to Pray to God: 1 way to pray to God

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