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I Am A “Heavenian”: Does That Mean A Thing? Ask Miss Stacy Grace Arruah

You Are Reading: I Am A “Heavenian”: Does That Mean A Thing? Ask Miss Stacy Grace Arruah

Extremely loving personalities are not so easy to get by these days, wouldn’t you agree? Even more difficult is it to find someone with convictions as such:

“I believe God is a friend, He is not a religious personality. I am not a religious person. I am simply a friend to Jesus Christ and in unison with God the Father and the Holy Spirit”

“I will choose LOVE over material possessions, no matter how plenty. I’m driven by love than any amount of money. Not encouraging poverty at all, just encouraging more focus on the heart”

“Crowd-pleasing is not my thing. If it pleases Jesus, we’re good to go. And that, whether I get the crowd’s affirmation or not.”

“I believe in staying faithful to one’s spouse or partner and not giving to another man or woman physically or emotionally what should only belong to your purpose partner.”

And the distinctively she says:

“I believe in no sex before marriage: we can wait till marriage and still love each other tremendously in the waiting process. I believe sex is best and sweetest in marriage because God’s perfect will can never be wrong. In marriage, the sex is blessed and more enjoyable”
Yes, you heard me right!

We have seen her advise several ladies to preserve their bodies till marriage and she’s encouraged even those who have been sexually involved before marriage to still maintain preservation till marriage because in her words: “ your body is always valuable. Both men and women”

Featured on TheNobleMag.com today, is Miss Stacy Grace Arruah, Founder and Host of the exotic unique program: LIVING LOVE.

Who is Miss Stacy Grace Arruah?

Miss Stacy Grace ARRUAH
Miss Stacy Grace Arruah

Miss Stacy is an Ageless, vibrant entrepreneur and leader who describes herself as “an extreme lover, a romantic… a mystery”. In fact, she reveals to us that she is also called “Heavenian” because she so beautifully represents the Celestial City as her ways of life have reflected this and stood the test of time.

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Let’s take a deeper dive into Miss Stacy Grace Arruah’s personality, shall we?

Miss Stacy chooses to be defined by her Christian identity. She is Born again and A friend to Jesus Christ.

Extremely Naturally Beautiful fair-skinned ageless Miss Stacy with an hourglass shape is however very reserved, modest, and composed and she describes herself as being a selfless giver.

Many in her past and present attest to this. She is always natural. We hardly ever see her wear makeup and many have asked over time. Miss Stacy is it because of the spiritual values that you’re always natural? She goes on to gracefully say:

“ No! I just love being natural. It has nothing to do with my spiritual inclinations. I believe I am naturally beautiful so no need for me to wear make-up. Besides I love the uniqueness of it. I’ve never been against make-up on others. I just choose to be natural and it really suits me”

Just to add: I love to design my outfits and I match them with beautiful accessories once in a while. I love looking elegant, unique and classy, very neat and clean“

Miss Stacy Grace is disciplined and holds high moral standards; one of which is radical advocacy for decency in clothing, adornment, decency in personality and a huge interest in modesty once again.

Ever had trouble with doing the right things at the right time? Or keeping yourself from wearing that gorgeous mini skirt? If you answered like me, I guess there are quite a number of things we both could learn from her.

Her debut video was on: Indecent dressing and she hosted another program with several ladies where she held a banner saying no to indecent dressing. In her words: “ I do this because I love God’s people so I owe them the truth for love delights in truth” How courageous!!

Not to fear: she isn’t a character out of a perfect movie! Being authentic and transparent, she admitted to the team that she has been through a lot of disappointments in the past.

Due to her lovely nature and very pure heart, she’s been through a lot , that’s not surprising seeing the nature of the world.
Someone with her loving heart will definitely face a lot.

However, she hasn’t let those experiences pollute her from compassion and kind-heartedness. She is a strong woman!
Not just a strong woman but a strong woman with a very forgiving spirit.

Did this get you intrigued as much as it did us? This got us seeking to know more. So, we ventured into investigating her professional life and hobbies.

Miss Stacy is an Image consultant, a communication expert, content developer, admired stylist /designer, oh yes she does most of her outfits herself, being so good with colors and designs she indeed always looks good and classy knowing exactly what suits her hourglass shape and unique skin texture.

Holder of a Master’s degree in Corporate Communication since 2015 and with a first degree in mass communication since 2012, she lectures in English, French, and Corporate Communication. One may credit her fluency in voice and diction to her educational background, or like many, wonder if she studied in the USA.

According to Miss Stacy, “Did you study in the USA?” is a commonly asked question; like “Why do you prefer staying natural”? and many others, she addresses on a daily. To her, she believes her accent is a gift from God.

She is equally a “love counselor” (another unique appellation by our creative), prolific writer, journalist, actress, songwriter, and singer, CEO of Modest Clothing, and founder and host of Living Love. She’s very intelligent, hardworking, and smart indeed.

The agelessness factor still comes into play as we can see she’s a big lady in such a very fragile young-looking body.
Speaking of confidence, she’s got it wholesomely. Just visit YouTube and see for yourself.

Talk of being talented and equipped for fulfilling Kingdom purpose!

Let’s Talk Briefly About Living Love.

Living Love Logo

Miss Stacy gives us insight into what it is all about. She says, “It is neither a foundation nor an NGO. It is simply a selfless eternal and international program that promotes the virtues of purity, selflessness, kindness, friendship with Jesus Christ, undiluted love, modesty, and passion. In her words:

Living love is not a charitable organization. Living love is a love program and we practice selflessness and purity in love”. We do not operate under any charitable organization. Our giving of love is very pure and Jesus Christ-centered.”

Living love has been impacting the world with love for the last four years. “ By the grace of God, as a woman, I have organized several conferences on love and respect held with only males. In other words: Male conferences teaching men on love and respect.”

So far, Living Love has held several meetings with numerous young people and hosted several programs through her YouTube channel on topics such as Loving Without Any Strings Attached.

As a woman of impact, she’s impacted many lives for so many years even before living love. Many have a lot to say about her which is mostly centered on her loving nature and modesty. She describes Living Love as an eternal program.

She is the CEO of Modest Clothing, an image consultancy firm. She’s a talented cook, dancer, “heaven’s model” as she uniquely calls it, and a Spirit-inspired creative.


Below is Miss Stacy’s most recent short film, L.I.G.H.T, entirely written and produced by herself, reminding the sons of light to keep being the Light in a world of darkness.


Also, catch her on CBC Radio 101.9 FM from 3:30 to 4 pm every Sunday as she covers a wide range of pertinent topics.

We could not end this interview without asking our protagonist about the family that raised her in such virtues:

Throughout this journey, I’ve been supported by my lovely mother, whom I totally adore and love who raised me all by herself, my sisters, my best friend, and very good friends. However, I have a very small circle. I don’t do well with crowds though I reach out to the crowd

I am a lavish lover, very romantic and sensual, and have been blessed to be friends with the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ, and God the father. It has been a very beautiful, challenging, and victorious journey of discovery, strength, and grace.”

There is more to know about Miss Stacy Grace Arruah because she’s full of mystery. You never see her coming. She’s a beautiful mystery.

Our team is currently putting together another interview in which she discusses details about her career, business, and the program Living Love. Connect with Miss Stacy Grace ARRUAH using the links below!

Facebook: Stacy Grace Arruah
YouTube: Stacy Grace Arruah


You Were Reading: I Am A “Heavenian”: Does That Mean A Thing? Ask Miss Stacy Grace Arruah

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