Get A Little Closer To Egbe TMB’s World Of Artistry

You are reading: Get A Little Closer To Egbe TMB’s World Of Artistry

A lot of artists have various things that motivate them to enroll in different levels of entertainment, and Egbe TMB isn’t an exception.

He made TheNoble Mag understand that; Passion made him pursue a career in music even though he loved wrestling as a kid and even wanted to become a professional wrestler.

“Becoming successful as an artist requires a lot; The road to the top is a rough one but I intend to be at the top of the mountain of success in less than 10 years from now,” said Egbe TMB

Each person’s life entails a lot of things we term hobbies, thus aside from doing music, he listens to different kinds of music from inspirational artists like himself. Interesting right?


Also, he watches movies, loves dressing up and going for refreshing walks, and of course, he enjoys traveling.

Identity is very important, each artist has what Identifies him or her uniquely as a trademark. Aside from Egbe’s unique vocals, his art is able to take you to a romantic meetup with Father God.

A glimpse into his weaknesses, he is working on having patience and also reinforcing discipline as a virtue.

“Discipline is a major ingredient in a man’s walk with God,” he says.

So far, his best performance based on stats has been Awesome especially his song “validé”, with “Love You” being the song He holds so dear to his heart.

He’s friends with One of Cameroon’s leading music producer and fast-growing artist Sango Edi whom both have a relationship that’s beyond casual.

Sango Edi is a musical mentor, big brother to him and he has taught him basically everything he needs to know about music production.

To Egbe, our Cameroonian gospel landscape is growing, slowly, and steadily which is a good thing.

Thanks for taking out time to read. Connect with Egbe TMB Here!

You were reading: Get A Little Closer To Egbe TMB’s World Of Artistry

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