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Gender-Based Violence Tips To Watch Out For.

You Are Reading: Gender-Based Violence Tips To Watch Out For.

The rights of both sexes (male and female) have been violated in many ways.

Women being at the center of such violence whereby some are being beaten, others are killed, it also cuts across, children young girls being raped by their parents or uncles, some boys are harassed by older women and so on.

Some survivors of gender-based violence sometimes find it very difficult to disclose their ordeal to people, but this write-up is going to tell you how to ought to react when one survivor meets you and is ready to tell you everything.

A Survivor Discloses Gender-Based Violence to someone trusted

As someone that a survivor has entrusted his or her secret to, this is how you ought to react.

Respect the confidentiality and wishes of the survivor, make sure you provide reliable and comprehensive information on the available services and support to survivors of GBV.

Obtain informed consent, when family or guardians make decisions on behalf of the child, ensure the best interest of the child is given priority. Preferably, the accompanying adult should be selected by the child.

Support survivors of rape to access medical care within 72 hours.

Always practice the Survivor-Centered Approach

Prioritize the needs, wishes, and decisions of the survivor. Ensure the survivor makes all decisions about accessing services and sharing information regarding her case.

Do not provide advice, never blame the survivor and be patient, be a good listener and be non-judgmental.

Some DOs about GBV

  • Believe the survivor, reassure the survivor that this was not his or her fault.
  • Make sure that both the survivor and you are safe from immediate danger.
  • Provide practical care and support like water, somewhere to sit, and possibly food.
  • Listen to the person without asking questions and set aside your judgments.
  • Respect the right of the survivors to make their own decision. Inform, do not give advice.
  • Limit the number of people informed about the case (refer the case confidentially to the appropriate GBV focal point, and only with the informed consent of the survivor).

Some DON’Ts about GBV

  • In as much as you ought to help, do not force help on people, be intrusive or pushy.
  • Do not pressure the survivor into providing information or further details.
  • Do not doubt or contradict the survivor, investigate the situation or provide advice.
  • Do not mediate between the survivor and the perpetrator or a third person for example family.
  • Make sure you do not write down or share details of the incident or personal details of the survivor.
  • Do not assume you know what a survivor wants or needs. Some actions may put the survivor at further risk of stigma, retaliation, or harm.
  • Once a GBV referral has been made, do not ask for extra information or contact the survivor directly.

Sexual Violence

In case of sexual violence, ensure the following is done. If the survivor needs it.

Ensure immediate access to available medical care (within three days for emergency HIV treatment and within five (5) days for emergency contraceptives and prevention of sexually transmitted infection.

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Physical Violence

For physical violence, seek medical care if she is experiencing severe pain, bleeding, or for the treatment of non-sexual violence-related injuries.

Prioritize Safety and Security

If there is an immediate risk to the safety of the survivor, it is a life-threatening concern.

Contact competent authorities (police, security actors, safe shelters) or other appropriate emergency support.

Gender-based violence is evident in our societies, at home, offices, and even in the streets join us to reduces the rate of GBV in our communities by identifying them and reporting to the right quarters.


You Were Reading: Gender-Based Violence Tips To Watch Out For.

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