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Fighting For Survival Not For Fame

You Are Reading: Fighting For Survival Not For Fame

Just like Francis Ngannou, we fight for survival, we don’t fight for fame.

We have traveled along rough paths and came out successful, we fought survival.

Others fight for fame, but they are not in the scene again, they are six feet beneath the earth, fight for survival, not for fame.

Hope for a trophy in your fight for survival.

Just like Francis Ngannou, we hope for a championship to crown our journey of survival.

We know is not going to be easy, but we are ready to pass through the fire, through the hate, just like Francis Ngannou.

We fight for our people, we do not fight for our stomachs. When we fight for survival, we will live to enjoy the fruits, but if we fight for our stomachs, we will fight to feed just the stomachs.

Just like Francis Ngannou, we want to appear on the big screens after we have finished fighting.

To all the people fighting for survival out there, courage to your hustle. It will pay one day, just like Francis Ngannou.

His journey was long, but he did not give up, he endured the process, trained himself and now he is enjoying the fruits of his long journey.

You reading this article, you have your own fight of survival that you are currently into, fight well, you will not regret the end.

You will pass through the desert of life, but you will one day like Francis Nganou, you will meet abundant water to quench your taste.

Remember the fight for survival entails patience and zeal, fight well brothers, fight well sisters, you will not regret it.

Make use of a greater force in your Fight for Survival

Fight with God by your side, so you won’t depart from your vision, because Him alone guides great men through their fight for survival.

So that your fight for survival will not result in that of fame.

So that when you reach the doorsteps of success, fame and pride will not prevent you from going in. Fight for survival and not for fame.

Just like Francis Nganou, when you fight for survival, fame will come without you asking, the world will know you and celebrate you.

The focus should be to survive, allow the rest time and chance. Make use of every opportunity that will empower you in the fight. Do not give up. Your trophy is a few meters ahead of you, go get it.


You Were Reading: Fighting For Survival Not For Fame

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