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Do We Really Ever Heal Completely From Our Pains?

You Are Reading: Do We Really Ever Heal Completely From Our Pains?

We all as humans have those life-changing events that almost break us down totally and completely and yet God saw us through.

We pulled through even when we thought it will never be possible.

I now understand why the scripture in

Matthew 19:26 states that ……“but with God all things are possible”.

But even after God settles us and redeems us from those situations that almost claimed our heads and lives, the scares left behind are evident. Do we forget them easily or carry them along with us as burdens?

Some time ago, I spoke with a couple of friends who told me how life had treated them. It was an emotionally touchy story. Life had dealt with them so badly. I was moved to tears

Life could be unfair sometimes

Most recently, I spoke with a distant friend. We talked so much about the vacuums and pains we all experience as humans.

We laughed a bit and sometimes the conversation got serious. At some point, she burst into tears.

Ella recounted how she lost her mum. “Weli, I was just 7 years old when I lost my mother. As little as I was, I did not even know the mystery surrounding death. All I could remember was that I was told my mum fell asleep and will never wake up again”.

Ella is 32 years old. This means her mum has been dead for over 25years now.

I replied “that was such a long time. Well my friend I know that feeling”.

She nodded but did not ask me how I know the feeling.

I guess it was a story she wanted me to hear to lighten her weary heart at that moment.

My good friend vividly gave me the details to how she lost her dearest mother. I do not know what life would be without my mum as for me.

She smiled and askedWeli do you know as old as I am I still crave for a mother’s love and affection? Well for someone who has lived all my life with my mum I cannot even begin to imagine life without Mme Eyong Peggy. Hmmmmm my world will crumble and end, I thought.

Life will never be the same again and that’s for sure.

Ella told me of the horrible treatment she later on got from her step-mother. Thank God she pulled through and has a success story today.

She pulled herself together and said, “my friend, we never ever get over some pains. The hurt remains with us forever”.

Ohhh how I understood Ella but I could not cut her story short. I figured out she needed somebody at that moment to let loose her emotions.

She cried and I cuddled her.

In the end I reassured her that life could not get any worse than that. God was with her and is always with her.

I reminded her of the scripture

“Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you”- 1 Peter 5:7.

She smiled again and we talked more but about the crazy part of life.

Well this is what I picked out from the intriguing dialogue.

Even when we think we have moved passed that stage, there are times when we still break down in tears and the cut is fresh again in our hearts.

Healing from pains is a process and until you are healed completely, please do not refrain from letting it all out. It only makes you feel better and stronger rather than weak as the society will put it.

We all are humans and are subject to emotional breakdowns

If it means crying please do as another friend Dora will always say: ”we never really heal from the trauma and pains completely and when we break down let’s not be afraid to feel the pain again.”

It only reaffirms it is journey we have walked and overcome.

We never really heal completely at once, God in his love and fatherhood soothes and heals us daily as we draw closer to him and allow him to be formed in us again and again.

Have you ever had an experience that made you feel like you were near death?? Or which you never thought could heal??

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You Were Reading: Do We Really Ever Heal Completely From Our Pains?

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