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Diverse Effects Of Body-Shaming And Possible Solutions To Feel Better

You Are Reading: Diverse effects of Body-Shaming and possible solutions to feel better

Body-Shaming has to do with expressing mockery or criticism about a person’s body shape or size. Sometimes we even body shame ourselves.

Body shaming is the act of deriding or mocking a person’s physical appearance.

The scope of body shaming is wide and can include, although is not limited to fat-shaming, shaming for thinness, height-shaming, shaming of hairiness or its lack of it, of hair color, the body shape, one’s muscularity or (lack thereof), shaming of looks and facial features.

In its broadest sense, body shaming may even include shaming of tattoos and piercings or diseases that leave a physical mark such as psoriasis.

  • Body shaming can lead to a vicious cycle of judgment and criticism.
  • Extensive levels of body-shaming can have negative emotional effects, including a reduction in self-esteem and other issues such as eating disorders, anxiety, body dysmorphia, and depression.
  • Also, body shaming can lead to serious depression, especially when people feel their bodies can not meet social criteria.
  • Whether the body-shaming is intentional or not, it has the ability to decay the perception of self and worldview.

Some effects of body shaming include;

It can lead to mental health issues

When the shaming becomes too frequent or has more impact due to any reasons, it may lead to anxiety, depression, and social isolation.

People with anxiety tend to overthink everything, and when it comes to remarks about their bodies, it is no different.

Constant negative remarks may make people anxious to the extent that they suffer from panic attacks and depression phases.

It can lead to eating disorders

Body Shaming has the tendency to cause eating disorders like anorexia where a person starves themselves obsessively to lose weight if they are too fat, according to the conventional standard, or bulimia, the opposite, where a person eats obsessively to gain weight if they are too skinny.

Anorexia can lead to dehydration, constipation, undernourishment, bloating, and even irregular menstrual cycles.

Bulimia is also reported to lead to similar effects.

It can lead to low self esteem

Body shaming crushes the self-esteem and confidence of another human being.

When people’s size, height, weight or color is shamed, it makes them lose their self confidence and reduces their self esteem.

This comes with social anxiety which often result from a sense of rejection regarding weight or physical attributes.

It can lead to depression

Body shaming can cause severe depression. The feeling of trying to be perfect and fit into the standards of the society can end up leaving people more depressed especially when they do not know how to go about the entire situation.

It becomes important to put an end to this cruel inhumane act.

  • Accept your body
  • Yes, you can be happy with your body whether you are tall, short, slim or strong.
  • Your body belongs to you the way it is and you should accept it the same way.
  • Try to free yourself from all the ideal images.
  • Don’t compare yourself to others
  • Every person is different and that’s a good thing. We all have different skin tones, complexions, shapes, and sizes.
  • We all are unique and can never be someone else. In fact, we couldn’t be more beautiful in another skin.
  • Block toxic people

It could really be difficult to cut off from people who repeatedly put you down by shaming your body and looks as they could be your childhood friends, your favourite cousins, the popular seniors from school and even your crush.

Your first step could be to talk to them that you don’t like it, especially if you think they might be doing it unintentionally and would be willing to change.

Speak up when others are targeted

Sometimes speaking up for someone else comes easier than taking on your own bully.

If you see someone posting comments that smack of body-shaming, call them out, report them if necessary and express your support to the victim.

If you’re unsure about whether the person finds these comments offensive, you can also just send them a private message asking if they’re okay.

A kind word from a stranger can be the silver lining in some cases.

You might even find other like-minded individuals you can help by sharing your experience with them.

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Get help

stop body shaming

If nothing you do helps you feel better about your body and being body-shamed starts affecting your daily life or your mental health, you should reach out to a therapist or doctor to talk about it.

You could also control your diet or engage in physical exercise, consult a skin care therapist or just exactly the kind of help you need.

Remember, asking for help when you’re suffering is nothing to be ashamed of.

It does not mean that you are weak. It actually makes you stronger because you are able to identify when you need help and what is best for you.

At its core, body shaming is the intentional act to humiliate another.

It occurs through mocking, critical comments and shaming related to one’s body type.

It is the intent of an individual not only to humiliate another, but to cause them to conform to a specific standard.

Body shaming is anything that causes an individual to feel shame or disgust in relation to his or her own body.

It perpetuates a false impression of the right body type and fuels self-doubt and issues related to self-esteem. It contributes to a number of psychological, physiological, and mental health disorders as so must be stopped in its forms.


You Are Reading: Diverse effects of Body-Shaming and possible solutions to feel better

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