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“We Have The Best Professionals In Cameroon To Help You Out”: Common Grounds Community Organises A Workshop You Cannot Afford To Miss

You Are Reading: “We Have The Best Professionals In Cameroon To Help You Out”: Common Grounds Community Organises A Workshop You Cannot Afford To Miss

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TNM: Greetings, sir. We’re pleased you granted us this interview. Please do introduce yourself to our readers.

Nfor Nintai: My birth name is Nintai Neville Nfor Jr and I am based in Limbe, Cameroon.

TNM: Are you a believer?

Nfor Nintai: Yes, I am a believer. I grew up in a Christian household but decided to embark on my spiritual growth in late 2009 when I came to the University of Buea.

Before I embarked on walking with God seriously, I was engulfed with what every young of the time was running after but I still had firm moral stamina.

TNM: Do tell us about the organization you run.

Nfor Nintai: I am the founder of Common Grounds Community and the programs officer of Common Grounds Educational Services.

Common Grounds is an NGO aimed at social cohesion and raising a spirit of togetherness above our differences.

Common Grounds also has an Educational Wing called The Common Ground Educational Service.

It has a goal to encourage quality education. We do this by providing counseling on Academic Choices and Career orientation both to school Educational boards and individuals.

To that effect, we teach members on Skills Acquisition and Competence Awareness.

I am passionate about sales and my job experience has made me knowledgeable about diverse careers and blending it with my work with students gives me a better platform to orientate and help young Africans.

My Pan-African drive is to raise a fully functional career orientation firm to help young Africans gain ascendancy on the global level.

In my local assembly, I also serve as a Youth Minister, impacting young Believers for impactful living.

TNM: Wow! That sounds extremely interesting. We’ll like to hear some highlights on your journey so far

Nfor Nintai: Right now, I am a Certified Career Consultant and Public relations, Officer. Early 2018, I started an Internship at SONARA at the Public Relations Office.

From there, I worked as a commercial agent and loan officer for Afriland First Bank. This was one of my Jobs that greatly impacted me because as a loan officer, I was drafting credit lines for people engaged in every walk of life.

I learned so much about networking and career orientation. From there I had a contract with ECOBANK that was abruptly terminated last year due to Covid 19.

After this, I decided to engage myself in building a consultancy for Academic Choices and Career Orientation. We have been doing so since last year and have been to more than 15 schools in the country. We have worked with more than 3000 students in three different regions in Cameroon.

TNM: We know the organization intends to hold a program this holiday. Tell us about it.

Common Grounds
Common Grounds

Nfor Nintai: This holiday, we plan to hold Summer Career Bootcamps across the nation, teaching both parents and students the importance of a career road map.

Our target audience is mostly those who just sat for the GCE Advanced level because these are the most vulnerable.

Without the right information, they will end up making the wrong career decisions. But in general, all students are welcome to be it, university students or industry experts.

It is a career fair where there shall be networking, job placements, talent scouting, and onboarding into different career opportunities.

We are organizing this workshop to solve four main problems:

  1. Personal Assessment
  2. Your Aspirations
  3. Skill Acquisition
  4. Competence Awareness of the Market

We have the best professionals in Cameroon to help you out. Be it in Fashion, Business, Technology, or Agriculture, we have the best professionals.

It will hold in four towns:

  • Buea
  • Limbe
  • Foumbot
  • Douala

I hope to see many of our readers there.

TNM: We believe they will be there. Is there a particular message you will like to deliver to our readers?

Nfor Nintai: The message I want to deliver to the audience is this:

Cameroon is facing high unemployment due to the mismatch between what we study in school and what is required in the workplace.

There is no effective framework that helps in the transition from school to work. For the past year, we have been touring schools in Cameroon.

We know the challenges of these students. So, we came up with this Career Orientation Workshop to help provide a mind shift in line with the career perspective. Most importantly, to help them create a career road map.

TNM: For the sake of our curious readers, what are some of the achievements of Common Grounds Community?

Nfor Nintai: We have been to more than 15 schools and had workshops with more than 3000 students. We have been organizing seminars and workshops sessions at Trustech Buea for the Buea chapter of the Common Grounds Community.

We have equally created an online platform that has been running for 7 months now. It is Called Common Grounds Educational Services. We have successfully been teaching university students Work Readiness, Work Ethics, and Career Choices.

For more info.

+237 654216406
+237 697972382

Social Media Handles

Facebook: Nintai Nfor
Instagram: Nintai Nfor
LinkedIn: Nintai Nfor
Email: [email protected]
[email protected]

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You Were Reading: We Have The Best Professionals In Cameroon To Help You Out”: Common Grounds Community Organises A Workshop You Cannot Afford To Miss

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Nchum Pelagie Ndamnsa

Common ground holiday career workshop is one of it’s kind ,this is a journey am embarking into ,so our junior ones won’t be derailed
Thank Nintai Nfor Jr for coming up with this , we’re buying your vision and no turning back

Lynfa Tatah

All i can say is i won’t miss it for anything

Lynda Tatah

All i can say is i won’t miss it for anything