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Cedric Che-Azeh: Some Facebook Tips To Strengthen Marketer’s Energy in the 21st Century

You Are Reading: Cedric Che-Azeh: Some Facebook Tips To Strengthen Marketer’s Energy in the 21st Century

The news of people making cash on social media platforms is no longer something people are anxious to hear. Content creators, bloggers, writers, and other individuals have understood this and they are making use of it.

But because this platform “Facebook” is not owned by these individuals who create content on it, it now generates a problem. That’s why we got into contact with Cedric Che-Azeh (Cedric Ipkiss) to explain some technological Facebook jargons that will help content creators.

TNM: Who is Cedric Che-Azeh?

Cedric Che-Azeh is the Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer at Eternal Company Limited, Douala, he also doubles as the Co-Founder of Blogvisa, Douala. He studied Web Application Development at Open Source College.

Cedric Che-Azeh

TNM: What is new in the technology world?

Cedric Che-Azeh: Currently Facebook is making page likes insignificant. What does this mean for marketers and business owners?

Facebook has begun hiding page likes and would likely be deactivating them in the near future in preference for page followers. Facebook Tips

Facebook Tips

Cedric Azeh Talks More on Facebook Tips

First, what’s the difference? Basically, Likers are people who clicked on the “like” button of your page. Followers are those who receive updates from your page. Meaning likes are gradually losing significance as likers don’t get organic updates unless they also follow, and many likers unfollow pages (even directly from the notification bar).

Now, a lot of marketers and business owners have already spent so much gaining page likes, from buying fake ones to promoting their pages to inviting all their friends to like.

Even though all isn’t lost (as some likers equally follow your page), it shows the volatility of social media.

Cedric Che-Azeh: “I remember advising Ngong Sandra Nyangha to not publish her poems on social media (or at least not only on social media) because she doesn’t control the audience and even the page itself. Her page belongs to Facebook, not to her.

They can suspend, close it, and make likes you’ve worked hard for useless, in short, you neither own nor control it, and those poems don’t really belong to you. If the page gets suspended, poof! Good luck with Facebook support”.

In addition, social media tools are very ephemeral. Each platform changes literally every week. Things which worked yesterday could literally stop working today. Governments, regulators even the social media companies themselves enforce too many regular changes.

Consequently, in addition to investing on this important marketing medium, marketers should equally seek more; permit me say, stable and controllable ones.

If your data is important for your marketing, never overlook websites. A website belongs to you (not the hosting company – they own the server and the domain name, not the data). You own your data, control it and manage everything about it.

In addition, you can always back up your website in case something strange but uncommon like your hosting or domain name provider suspends it beyond retrieval (many people recently lost their sites to MTN because their hosting platform has been down for almost a year, for example).

Cedric Che-Azeh: “Hundreds of Word Press plugins automatically back up your sites, and if you use a web host like ours at Blogvisa, we automatically back up everyone for free and when backups expire, we move them offline”

With all these, even if for some rare reason you lose your data, it’s hardly lost. Also, you decide what to do with the website, your data data remains with you, if you use CRM software, your visitors (or followers, if you can use them) are forever yours. Let’s not mention the hundreds of analytic tools providing data only available to websites which Facebook and YouTube would never track, or give you if they do.

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You Were Reading: Cedric Che-Azeh: Some Facebook Tips To Strengthen Marketer’s Energy in the 21st Century

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