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Cameroon: Ghost Workers Exposed by MIN SEC

You Are Reading: Cameroon: Ghost Workers Exposed by MIN SEC

The Ministry of Secondary Education has published names of ghost workers from all over the country.

These workers who were trained at ENS and ENSET later abandoned their duty posts after taking their “Gros Lot” and escaped to foreign countries.

Civil servant work in Cameroon is considered by many as a golden opportunity to either take their families from poverty for the poor and to further enrich others for the rich.

That’s why some will prefer to pay huge sums of money just to enter public schools like ENAM, CUSS, ENS, ENSET, Public Works just to name a few.

It is a country for the brave, for the ones who are ready to play along and get things done fast.

But in as much as these individuals hope to enter the civil services, they will not hesitate to follow other juicy opportunities out of the country if they see them.

Some play the American lottery, others seek Asylum due to some reasons best to them, others due to the Anglophone Crisis, they have left the country. Others are dead but their salaries are still passing ( it’s a shock right, that’s Cameroon for us). The land of the brave.

Sometimes after taking their “grow lot“, commonly known by some Cameroonians in the English-speaking zone as ” grown loan” it is huge accumulated money that a civil servant receives when his or Matricule number is known.

It all depends on when his or her matricule number comes out, some will make three years in the government without having a matricule number.

That’s why someone will take his first “grown loan” and buy a plot, start a building project or open a business aside from his public service job.

But the shocking part of this is that some of these ghost workers leave the country and at the same time collect their salaries.

Why Ghost Workers in Cameroon Still Collect Salaries

Even though they are not in Cameroon, they still collect salaries, because they have middlemen who are in the system that follows up everything for them, and in turn, these middlemen, receive their percentage.

That’s why Cameroon is considered one of the corrupt countries in Africa and the world.

Some of these ghost workers negotiate with some of their colleagues in school to cover for them, others go as far as negotiating with the principal of the school, whereby a PTA teacher is put to cover up for them, and they are compensated.

It is a whole chain of “You crash my back, I crash your back” in the civil service sector in Cameroon.

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You Are Reading: Cameroon: Ghost Workers Exposed by MIN SEC

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