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Bright Hostess Agency: The Launch, Services, And Team

You Are Reading: Bright Hostess Agency: The Launch, Services, And Team

Bright Hostess Agency (BHA) one of the newest in Buea has launched its activities, the Agency is out to render the public with hostesses during weddings, premieres, workshops, Birthdays, concerts and many more can expect in the domain of organizing events.

Bright Hostess Agency was launched on Sunday 27, 2021 at former Police Station Molyko, Buea. In an interview with TheNoble Magazine, the Agency had the following revelations to make concerning their existence.

TNM: What is Bright Hostess Agency all about?


BHA: Bright Hostess Agency is an agency that provides you with professional services at your events such as; Weddings, Concerts, Premières, Seminars, Workshops, Exhibitions Birthdays, etc.

We also give out personal Services such as; Makeup, Commercial Models for Adverts, Promo and promo videos, Personal Trained assistants, and protocols.

TNM: What motivated this initiative?


BHA: We realized that in Cameroon and particularly Buea, there are no Christian hostess agencies that are available for all sorts of events, and to I have attended events and sometimes the way guests are been treated hurts my heart,

so I decided to make right the wrongs, Also there is a need for Christians to take over in the world today, and this is my own way to do so.

TNM: BHA was launched on Sunday, tell us more?

BHA: Yes the launch went way beyond our expectations. Though the rains disturbed, everything went according to plan.
And yes our goal was attained: the people enjoyed themselves, we were able to raise some funds and Jesus was glorified.

TNM: Who is your target Market?

BHA: Our services are for everyone in and out of the nation: so long as there’s an event involved we are ready to deliver.

TNM: Before and after the Launch, how many deals has BHA worked on?


BHA: Since our existence, even before the launch, we have handled three (3) events so far, the first was a wedding, then Royal Flex (Mr. Nganyu Emmanuel), and the Cameroon Music Ministers Conference with Marvel Joks (We want to thank Pastor Osvalin for awarding us the contract).

TNM: Apart from Hostess services which other services do BHA offer?

BHA: BHA is loaded and diverse; we have a lot of skillful people in the agency.

Apart from the other personal services mentioned in the first question, BHA will be organizing workshops and seminars to help raise entrepreneurs, etc.

TNM: Tell us more about your team?


BHA: BHA team is just the best. This team is made up of main youngsters who are students but believe me they have carried this vision and are very sacrificial.

They are also very caring, loving, and very fun to be with. In our midst, you can never know who’s the boss and the subordinate because of the way we all interact (we consider them family) in our team, apart from our Hostesses, we have a Personal Assistant and secretary.

(We also have our personal makeup artist) They are just the best.

TNM: We see a host of gospel artists on the program, what is the secret?


BHA: Many of the gospel artists are great mentors of the vision (They act like brothers, friends, and father’s all in one) and some of them gave their unending support for this launch and some are our partners who work for hand in gloves with BHA.

TNM: Talking of Funding, how do you go about it?

BHA: For the finances, we can only say it was God’s provision because it wasn’t easy but God kept providing. How we were able to pull through was God’s mercy and we are grateful for that.

TNM: Who is Miss Bright?

CEO BHA: Miss Bright is a young God-fearing lady who is passionate about the things of God and the advancement of the kingdom.

She is a student, a leader, CEO, Counselor, Entrepreneur and so much more. She has a heart for people and loves to serve and see people grow.

To further inform the public, BHA provides services like no other, we have style, and we exhibit excellence and professionalism. We are flexible, honest, hardworking, and reliable.

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You Were Reading: Bright Hostess Agency: The Launch, Services, And Team

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