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Begging In Contemporary Times: Is Begging Idling?

You Are Reading: Begging In Contemporary Times: Is Begging Idling?

Several times have people hurt me so bad that I made up my mind never to lend a helping hand. I called them names and resolved never to render my help to anyone whatsoever.

But trust me, I broke my promise before you could even say, Jack. I can not really tell if it is because of the kind of family in which I was raised.

I come from a family of givers. My mother! Oh, my mother! While growing up I watched her always helping one or two persons.

She will tell me “although I don’t have much, I just can not withstand a person in need”.

I grew up with that same spirit bound to my subconscious. Even if it were my last, I will prefer to share.

In instances where I do not have, I make sure until all remedies are exhausted then I will feel relieved.

I just don’t know how to express this but a part of me can not stand another human suffering.

My late grandma would teach us never to throw food for there were families who go on empty stomachs for weeks.

Well, I thought we were worst off until i experienced a different turnout of events. I walk the streets and see what people wear, I hear people cry in desperation of hunger and so on and I thank God for his providence over my life and family.

Hardship has drowned the world, especially Africa, so much that people merely exist without living.

While others cannot put a roof over their head, others can barely access basic human necessities.

Why do people beg?

Wars and pandemics like the COVID-19 have toppled economies, leaving people in abject poverty.

Life’s difficulty has reduced many to thieves, subjected to deplorable conditions just to survive. Yet others say begging is not honorable.

Hmmmmm while growing I knew the only person I could beg from is my mother. I even find it extremely difficult to ask for certain aids from even friends.

Is begging idling?

I was walking the streets of my school some time ago. I had just gotten admission into the University. I was still to experience the beast and beauty of life.

Lo and behold, I saw a woman, well she looked like an elderly woman. Maybe poverty had deformed her looks.

She had two babies, one on her back and the other in her hands. With a small dish in front of them, the woman was begging money from passersby.

God! Where is her husband? Why would a woman looking like this be begging?? All these questions flooded my mind

I didn’t hesitate. I dropped a token for them.

That was the beginning of me seeing street beggars in my town.

As time went on, I would chip a franc or two whenever I saw a child, man or woman begging.

That was the height of relinquishing one’s glory. I will weep bitterly in my heart for God to never allow me to get to that stage yet pray for their well-being.

It is the most degrading and most humiliating process in a person’s life. But something happened one day.

I was walking yet again across the street. There was this young child, a boy following a lady and insisting she gives him money.

Was the hunger that bad? Why would the child be forcing someone to give him money? How was he so sure the lady had money?

Before I could finish pondering on these series of questions, I heard a sound slap. The lady gave the young child a very hot slap.

What was that for?? I rushed and asked her. Her response was bitter.
“Madam I have my own issues, I am hungry as well. But I hustle to get money. His parents will not sit at home expecting me to go out under the sun and work to feed their family”.

Well, that wasn’t the best reaction although the child was incessantly bugging her.

Apparently many people who were watching the scene grumbled and rebuked the lady’s action.

I talked about the scenario with a few friends. Some agreed their money was not meant for street distribution.

They claimed if they work to earn money, beggars should adopt that. Physically challenged persons even sell things to get money, what more of a physically able person.

As time went on my perception about giving to beggars was threatened. I have heard stories of how witches transformed into beggars and destroyed people’s destinies from the money they collect.

Persons pretending to be physically disabled just to swindle money from other’s pockets.
The stories, movies, and comedy that put beggars in superstitious light were just something to ponder over.

Well, these days I give when I am led by the Holy Spirit. I feel those in need should be assisted and yet it is bad to take advantage of others to enrich one’s self.

This was beyond compassion to reasoning before giving to anyone on the street claiming to be a beggar, be sure the Holy Spirit gravitates you to do so and above all, if you can offer help to them beyond monetary do, especially if they accept the offer.

What are your views on giving to beggars?

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You Were Reading: Begging In Contemporary Times: Is Begging Idling?

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