ANN: “You Sure Sey You Well So?” | Ep 3, Season 1

You Are Reading: You Sure Sey You Well So?” | Ep 3, Season 1

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“I see!” Emmanuel responds with a look of curiosity on his face.

Emmanuel, commonly called Daddy Emmanuel by the students of the fellowship was a postgraduate in Medical Laboratory Sciences who otherwise should have left the fellowship but had decided to stick around to assist the students in ministerial work.

He strongly believed God still wanted him around though this was a little unusual.

After graduation, the demands of finding and keeping a job usually had a way of preventing former fellowship members from giving their full comment to the campus fellowship cause. No one blamed them for that as long as they maintained a steady spiritual life with evident growth.

However, for some reason, Emmanuel had intentionally made sure that his place of work would be close enough to the University so as to ensure his continuous presence there.

Over time, he had become one of the fellowship mentors. Everyone loved him. His counsel was always so filled with wisdom. Besides that, he was an excellent drummer.

He was also a very energetic and charismatic brother – the “type” of many of the fellowship sisters but a holder of a Bachelor’s degree in Singlehood. You get?

Well, rumor had it that he had eyes on sister José. That is gist for another time.

“Well, you see Ann” Emmanuel continued, “did you know that Brother Ebot will be leaving us soon?”

“Oh! Really, Daddy? I wasn’t really aware of that.” Ann lied.

“Yes, yes. Not many are. Actually, he’ll be leaving to serve in Fire For Jesus Movement.”

“Isn’t it Revival Mission?” Ann, confused, muttered under her breath not realizing that she was thinking out loud.

“Pardon? Revival what? I didn’t get what you said”

“No, no Daddy. Go ahead. I just meant to say that his mission is Revival. Ehm, that is, Presi Ebot. His mission is Revival. He’s a very spiritual brother. I thank God for his life.”

“Oh, yes! You’re right. We thank God”

Nana, you bad fo lie. You want ruin me? (Nana, you got this part of your info wrong. You almost got me into trouble).

“As I was saying,” Emmanuel continues “God has called him to FFJM as an Evangelist. Ever since we blessed him to depart, we have been wondering about who will take his place.

“My God! That’s beautiful! God is taking Presi Ebot places! I will be praying, Daddy” she says as she takes out a notebook and a pen. “Let me note this down in my prayer book. The Lord is faithful. He will speak clearly to you. You shall make no mistake!”

“Amen! Amen, Sister Ann”

Emmanuel, Ann, and the students she had been teaching move from where they had been as the cleaner demands to mop that spot.

“In fact, I was meditating on this decision we have to make as I walked in here just now. The Lord was impressing on my heart that there’s someone he wants me to meet here.” Emmanuel adds.


“And just then, I met you and the crew. Well, keep up. I’m sure the Lord is glad. He is sure to reward the faithful in His vineyard. Well, let me be on my way.”

“Ok, Daddy” a big smile on her face, and more child-like gestures as she again feints humility and innocence.

“You are blessed and favored!”

“Amen! Amen!”

Emmanuel is walking out of the area when the bucket of water sister Verynyuy had been using to mop the floor spills on Ann’s black pair of slippers.

“Oh my God! What is this? Can’t you be careful?” Ann screams at the top of her voice (Screaming seems to be a hobby of hers.)

Verynyuy gasps. “I’m very sorry, Ann. My! I don’t even know what happened. Weh! Ashia!”

“It’s Sister Ann for you, excuse me. Don’t dare call me Ann”

Verynyuy looks at Ann confused as her eyebrows pull together into a frown of disappointment.

She is doing her best to keep her act together. She wants with all her might to yell back, even just a little bit at this Sister Ann. It was just some water for God’s sake. She could easily dry her feet.

“How am I supposed to get home now with my feet all wet?” Ann insists and gives a long hiss and a despicable roll of her eyes.

Verynyuy takes a deep breath. “I’m sorry, Sister Ann (making sure to insist on the “Sister”). Should I get you a dry rag you can use?”

Now, Ann notices that Daddy Emmanuel had been stopped in his walk out of the cafeteria by the screams behind him. Embarrassed, she says

“Ehm. Oh! Never mind. Ehm, it’s a small matter now, Sister Ve. Ve the Ve. Never mind eh. I’ll get the rag myself. Everybody makes mistakes now. Why are you so tense?”

Verynyuy stands there confused. Was this sister Ann bipolar or what?

” You sure sey you well so? (Are you sick or something?)” Verynyuy thinks to herself.

Unexpected events have a way of revealing our true selves, don’t you think? What are your thoughts on our today’s episode? What do you think of our characters?


This was Episode three of the series “ANN”. The next episode drops tomorrow, use the form below to stay up to date!

You Were Reading: You Sure Sey You Well So?” | Ep 3, Season 1

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