ANN: “This Position is Mine” | Ep 1, Season 1

You Are Reading: ANN: “This Position is Mine” | Ep 1, Season 1

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The prayer meeting was an awesome time. Ann was still “digesting” all the Rhema she had received. She was full of it.

It all started with praise and worship.

Sister Talyia could have done better sha. It’s not like it’s too difficult to make people dance. I didn’t feel that…how do they call it eh…that anointing?. Well, she tried. She’s not too talented but what will we do massa!”

Before they knew it, the prayer ground had turned into a harbor for the manifestations of the gifts of the Spirit. Words of knowledge here and interpretation of tongues there.

With all her jumping and rolling around, she got up from her seat, tired and ready to go home.

That was until Brother Nana said something that made her sit right back down and the tiredness disappear. I mean, there was no way she was about to miss this gist! Weren’t they in the presence of God? So, it was officially holy gist, thank you!

Don’t look at her that way. What if it was about to be a prophetic revelation, a divine confirmation of the very deep and solemn things the Lord had been laying in her spirit? She dared not close her ears to the Lord. The dealings of the spirit realm are a mystery.

And with these very spiritual thoughts, she convinced herself to join in the fellowship gossip.

Ann was a level two student and a member of the Christian fellowship in her secular school where she studied accounting and business management.

Indeed, ever since she had joined this Christian fellowship a few years earlier, her growth had been evident to all. She was a “spiritual sister” to say the least and had obtained the title of “Aunty” by those a year behind her through her unwavering commitment to fellowship programs and her almost constant availability to serve whenever the need arises.

Naturally having an extroverted personality, she did not mind adjusting her chair so as to be comfortable beside Brother Nana…

“Are you serious?” she screamed. Realizing just how loud she was, she quickly covered her mouth with her hand before continuing,

“What do you mean by Presi Ebot will be leaving?” she continued.

” Chai! Keep quiet, Ann. Is that why you want to announce it to the continent next door? Did I say you should make a public announcement?” Nana rebuked.

“Is it now a crime to be surprised?”

“No, but keep your surprise to yourself, Massa! Man, no fit teh you sometin so. You geh fo blow trumpet? ( Can’t I feel comfortable sharing news with you without you raising an alarm?)

Ann hisses, “Anyways, what did he do?”

“What do you mean by ‘What did he do?'”, Nana asks confused.

“Ah-ah!”, Ann exclaims sarcastically, putting her hands on her waist even as she sat and turning her head a hundred and eighty degrees to be sure to be in Nana’s face, “What did he do nah? He’s obviously not leaving for no reason at all.

Wetin happen? Di tin always get stori behind am. If e no be na palava with mentor them, na say e propose fo some fine girl, babe tell e say, ‘God forbid! I have not heard God on this matter’

( What happened? Situations like this always stem from an interesting story. It’s either he’s having some conflict with the mentors or he proposed to a lady and she turned him down),” she continued, struggling to keep herself from laughing.

They both gave in and laughed hard.

Nana continues, still laughing, “Aswear, if not fo the fact say a be Christian, a fo don swear fo ya head.
(I swear, If I wasn’t a Christian, I would have sworn about you).”

” So finally, you di swear or you no di swear?”
(So at the end, are you swearing or not?)

They continue laughing…

“Well, sorry to disappoint you but Ebot is leaving for ministerial work. He’s leaving in greater pursuit of purpose. The Lord has called him to serve in Revival Mission and he’s heading to the call.”

“Oh, really? I see

Ann left the fellowship ground with something to ponder on. On her way out, she said to Talyia,

“I was very blessed by your ministration today. You are so talented,” managing a smile, maybe a forced one.

Amidst her discussion with Nana, he had leaked it to her that the fellowship mentors have been thinking of whom to replace Presi Ebot with, that is, who will take up the position of GP (Group President) as they fondly called it after Ebot would’ve left.

Nana had also said the fellowship would be informed of the final decision in three months’ time. Ebot would be leaving in a month’s time but knowing the mentors, it would take them on average an extra two months to come to a final decision…

And Ann was bent on being the “next of kin”. As she walked home, she imagined herself standing in front of everyone, holding a black microphone, preaching the Word. Then, she would give orders
“You, do this. You, do that”. Ah! She couldn’t wait!

Or as she carefully put it, “I believe the Lord has been preparing me for such a time as this. He has greatly impressed it on my heart that this position is mine.”

As expected, she decided to pray about it. And after almost every prayer, she would dream and see herself, GP, all dressed up, makeup was nicely done…and all eyes on her.

“Certainly, the Lord is speaking!”

Oh! The deceptions of the heart?

This was Episode one of the series “ANN”. The next episode drops tomorrow, use the form below to stay up to date!

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You Were Reading: ANN: “This Position is Mine” | Ep 1, Season 1

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Soboth Shekinah

Je trouve que Ann est plus attirée par les postes dans le ministère que par le désir de plaire à Dieu.

Ajua Daniela Ngefac

Interesting. Let’s see how things turn out o!

Cedric Hailer

Dramatic and enticing piece of write-up. 🔥🙏🙏🙏

Ajua Daniela Ngefac

Thank you, sir. God bless. More content coming up. Please stay tuned!

Ameneh Joyly Ngum

Great. Just the first episode and I can already learn? Great I must say. English is very good. Maybe it’s me but I couldn’t understand some certain parts… Perhaps it’s the repetition, or the fact that I read in pigin and in English? I felt it overly saturated and I didn’t feel it’s place. Perhaps next time you choose a language? Because you won’t also have to translate to French you know… So it looks heavy but its content is repeated. That’s my humble observation. Your plot is great. I’m going to episode 2 now

Ajua Daniela Ngefac

Many thanks for the feedback. I eagerly look forward to the readers’ opinions. I’ll put it all in consideration. Hope you enjoy episode 2. See you there!

Ajua Daniela Ngefac

Do share with other if you will. Many thanks!

Ajua Daniela Ngefac

*with others

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