ANN: “Not Meant for Big Things” | Ep 4, Season 1

You Are Reading: ANN: “Not Meant for Big Things” | Ep 4, Season 1

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” You sure sey you well so? (Are you sick or something?)” Verynyuy thinks to herself.

As Verynyuy walked home that night, she was seized with great apprehension and great disgust. No…it was more of a squeezing in her heart.

Yes, a piercing, squeezing she could not put words to a feeling she always had when she felt offended by someone. And she felt so often.

Not with screams did she express her pain like in the case of Ann, but rather with tears of frustration. She felt she was always the cause of some trouble and that no one ever really understood or treated her fairly.

“The way Ann reacted today was soooo unfair. It was just a mistake now. She didn’t need to scold me the way she did”, she said with a sigh of desperation and watery eyes.

One would wonder if Verynyuy was not overreacting. However, this was authentic her! An appearance of strength in the open before crumbling in private.

She simply felt everything, every emotion, more deeply than the average person would.

Ever since the news had gone round that they’d be wishing Presi Ebot farewell soon, it seemed sister Ann had changed.

“Or am I just being too judgemental by thinking this,” Verynyuy asked herself?

Indeed, it seemed to Verynyuy that Ann’s zeal and commitment had increased, but without an accompanying improvement in character.

Verynyuy was a gentle soul. She had learned to often pass the test of self-control. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have hesitated to give Ann a solid piece of her mind back there.

“Who does she think she is?” Verynyuy thought.

At this, she realizes her mistake and gives a deep sigh of regret.

Still walking, she closes her weary, hurt-filled eyes and makes a quick prayer.

“I’m sorry, Lord. You know me; I’m a crybaby. At least, I’m Your crybaby. I know I shouldn’t hold on to offense. With how you’ve forgiven me of my sin, I really have no right to hold to a grudge, no matter what. Please forgive me.”

She continues on her walk then abruptly stops and closes her eyes again.

“But that really hurt!” she says almost screaming. Like a child trying to withhold their emotion but not being able to contain it, she expresses her frustration with as much vulnerability as she knew how to unto her Father.

She did not deny the realness of her feelings. However, she knew she was not defined by them. Again, she made a prayer to God to help her forgive.

The authenticity with which she prayed! A passer-by would think she was speaking to a very present being…and God is!

She wasn’t too sure she was completely over it. But she knew she would be by the time she reached home and had a good meal and good rest.

She wasn’t sure about catching some good sleep but she knew that the fufu and eru awaiting her at home would serve a healing purpose. You know, sometimes, it’s just hunger or tiredness that keep us bound to negative thought patterns.

” I get for chop o. Na man wey dey alive wey di forgive “
(I need to eat something! I can only forgive if I’m still alive).

She laughed at herself. The sound of her own laughter made her realize the Holy Spirit had done His work. She was good now. (Without having eaten first. What a miracle!)

Verynyuy was a level one student in Accounting and Business Management. She had joined the fellowship one year ago despite not being enrolled in that University yet.

During one national program organized by the campus fellowship, she had surrendered her life to Christ for the umpteenth time. However, this time it was different; she had a Bible-believing family to continue with.

They had kept her grounded and growing in the faith. She felt her struggles for steadiness in Christianity had come to end when she found this church family.

She still made mistakes all too often, but this time it was different; she was actually making spiritual progress and she knew it!

Ever since she had joined the fellowship, she had been in charge of the cleaning department. She was a ” JJ” (Janitor for Jesus) and headed her department with much pride despite being the only member of the department.

Others helped her occasionally but none showed as much diligence and faithfulness as her.

Now, her mind drifted to the conversation she had overheard between Daddy Emmanuel and Sister Ode.

“Wow! So we’ll be having a new GP soon. That’s nice o. Good for those who are called. I wonder who God will raise.”

She said this thinking of her own weaknesses.

“It takes me several prayers to forgive the slightest mistake. Besides, all I’m really good at is cleaning. People like us are not meant for the big things”. She admitted to herself.

What are your thoughts on Verynyuy? Her strengths? Her weaknesses? What are your thoughts on today’s episode?


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You Were Reading: ANN: “Not Meant for Big Things” | Ep 4, Season 1

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