ANN: “After Six Hours of Praying” | Ep 2, Season 1

You Are Reading: ANN: “After Six Hours of Praying” | Ep 2, Season 1

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In her unrest, Ann decided it was time for her to prove her worth.

“I know my worth,” she’d tell herself in the confines of her home, a studio. “Let me show them that I can do it. If they’d only see all that I’m capable of, I’m sure they’ll choose me. I am worth it. I can surely lead better than Dongmo. He’s not as charismatic as I am. Or Audrey. She’s just a new believer.

She takes a deep breath in despair.

“Lord, I know I’m the one who’s meant for this. And I’m sure that’s what You are saying.”

There was some uneasiness in her heart as she said that. However, she shrugged it off as she knew God had confirmed this in her heart. She couldn’t be wrong. She could cross her heart God was calling her to this position of service.

It was then that she decided to organize a little meeting with some younger students of the fellowship. She decided she was going to be teaching them weekly on how to practically influence their community with the Good News. She gathered them after a fellowship meeting one Thursday evening just behind the cafeteria.

A few minutes later, Daddy Emmanuel would be passing by the area.


It wasn’t quite her fault that Daddy Emmanuel passed by there every Thursday evening.

You cannot as well blame her for knowing this, can you?

She was just a good steward of the things entrusted to her, busy with the affairs of the Kingdom. Ah ah! Do you doubt it?

“Oh! Ann!”, the older man asks approaching Ann as she stood before the students while they sat on two rows of benches. “I thought everyone had left already. What keeps this committee here?”

“Oh…ehm…Daddy. Well, I just decided to disciple my younger ones on a few things before we left, ” she said sheepishly smiling as she almost touched the floor, bowing to greet him.

“Oh, get up! Get up!” he replied. “You are so humble.”

“Thank you, Daddy. Thank you oh. It’s the Lord’s doing in my life” and she bowed again.

“Yes…Okay, so you say you are giving them a discipleship class? Wow. That’s interesting. What exactly is the topic?

“Ehm…Impacting your community with the Gospel, Daddy.” She continues with another sheepish giggle, “Just something that God impressed on my heart. You know how it is with instructions from above.”

“Oh, I see!”

“Yes oh, Daddy. In fact, just yesterday I was on the mountain.”

“Powerful! That’s nice. Keep up” and Emmanuel turned to continue his walk.

“Ehm, I meant a physical mountain, Daddy” she exclaimed slightly to draw his attention to the extent of her claims.

She stood with her left hand rubbing her right arm, her head bowed and one foot making careless drawings on the tiled floor like a little girl feinting humility while expecting much praise.

Emmanuel turned around a little startled, a little amused, “A… physical mountain?” with emphasis on the “physical”.

“Yes oh, Daddy. A very physical one”

“Tell me more”

“As I was on the mountain…in the sixth hour of my prayer…” Ann was lost in her description of events



“Oh! No, no, go ahead please”

“In the sixth hour of my prayer, I heard a sound from heaven…”

Emmanuel was again startled but this time, chose not to exclaim. Rather, he said “An audible voice I suppose…just like the physical mountain”

“Exactly, Daddy. How did you know? Oh! You are truly a man of the Spirit”

Emmanuel managed a nod.

“He said: ‘My daughter, Ann. I have chosen and preserved you for a very special assignment.'” Ann continued. “Did I mention that the Voice said Ann, my daughter in whom I am well pleased?

“Really? The voice said that?”

“Yes, Daddy. Can you imagine? Ever since then, I have been in deep confusion”

“But, why?”

“I wonder what this very special assignment is, Daddy. I am so perplexed. But while waiting for the manifestation of these things, I have decided to be impacting my younger ones in my own little way.”

“I see!”, Emanuel responds with a look of curiosity on his face.

This was Episode two of the series “ANN”. The next episode drops tomorrow, use the form below to stay up to date!

Have you ever felt the need to prove yourself to others? Where does that need stem from? Let us know in the comments section together with your thoughts on today’s episode. Catch up on previous episodes HERE!


You Were Reading: ANN: “After Six Hours of Praying” | Ep 2, Season 1

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