ANN: “A Strange Shadow” | Ep 5, Season 1

You Are Reading: ANN: “A Strange Shadow” | Ep 5, Season 1

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Now, Ann notices that Daddy Emmanuel had been stopped in his walk out of the cafeteria by the screams behind him. Just then, Emmanuel’s phone rings.

This causes him to jerk awkwardly and rush out of the scene with the two ladies and the spilled bucket of water. Ann notices this from the side of her eye.

She wonders what the call could be about to cause such a reaction in Daddy Emmanuel. However, she’s just happy it’s causing him to leave. She was already feeling embarrassed enough.

Emmanuel, now out of view from the ladies, takes in a deep breath before daring to look at the number calling him.

It was an unknown number…

Exactly what he was dreadfully expecting…

He takes another deep breath and looks at his phone again. At this point, a gush of adrenaline and a thrill down his spine.

He knows he has to pick the call. He doesn’t have a choice.

“O, God! He cries in his heart.”

He also hopes none of the ladies who were behind him had noticed anything wrong. This wasn’t the moment to be raising suspicions. The trouble was enough as it was.

He picks, his hand trembling and his palm getting slippery as he begins to sweat.

Initially, silence

“A-a-allo?” Emmanuel manages to stutter out

Silence from the other end.

Emmanuel looks at his screen and puts the phone back in his ear. Maybe he was wrong. Maybe this was just a mistake call.

“Allo?” He says again, slightly more relaxed. “Who is on the line?”

Silence from the other end.

” Je ne vous suis pas. Vous avez certainement raté le numero. Aurevoir!
(I can’t hear you. I think you have missed the number. Goodbye!)
Emmanuel adds, getting a little impatient.

Just when he was about to end the call, he hears from the other end

“Shut up!” a deep, masked voice screams through Emmanuel’s speakers before continuing in a most relaxed and calm tone like it hadn’t just screamed, a touch of sarcasm to it.

“Mister A-yuk Em-ma-nuel,” pronouncing every syllable of the name carefully, “listen attentively to me!”

“Please tell me who you are, sir.” Emmanuel interrupts, panicking. “Just tell me who you are” he adds desperately, even willing to kneel where he was like his caller could see him.

Or maybe he could?

Emmanuel froze at the thought.

“I said shut up and listen: I give you ten more days to comply to the instructions I have given you! Not even a second more than 10 days. Or else…” The Voice laughs before continuing, “…you know what awaits you.”

“What exactly do you know?” Emmanuel asks with intrigue

“I know everything. Every single detail!”

Emmanuel momentarily holds his breath.


2 wees earlier

Emmanuel had just finished conducting a prayer meeting at the campus fellowship base. It had been an awesome time. They had even witnessed the manifestations of several gifts of the Spirit.

As sister Talyia had begun to lead praise and worship, the atmosphere had changed. Before they knew it, people were giving words of knowledge. Others were even interpreting tongues.

He was getting ready to go home when all of a sudden he noticed a strange shadow cast on the wall opposite where he was standing.

It was difficult it determines the shape of the moving object. Or was it…a person?

Out of curiosity, he decided to go closer to find out what it was that was casting such a shadow.

As he moved across the room, he overheard sister Ann shout, “Are you serious?” as she sat discussing with brother Nana.

He would have stopped to ask what the issue was but his curiosity welled up again concerning the moving shadow.

On getting to the wall, the object or person seemed to have moved away.

He looked around hoping to find them and solve the mystery.

Just then…

A deep surge of fear gripped his heart as his eyes fell on what was before him.

He held his breath…

What do you think Emmanuel saw? What are your thoughts on today’s episode? Do let us know in the comments section : )


This was Episode five of the series “ANN”. The next episode drops tomorrow, use the form below to stay up to date!

You Were Reading: ANN: “A Strange Shadow” | Ep 5, Season 1

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