After Fisherman’s Diary Comes Fisherwoman’s Diary: Meet Charley Jego As He Shares More Insights Into This.

You Are Reading: After Fisherman’s Diary comes Fisherwoman’s Diary: Meet Charley Jego As He Shares More Insights Into This.

The Fisher man’s diary has come and is still making waves in the international and national scene, but without waste of time and the creativity that surrounds Cameroon, another intriguing movie comes up called The Fisher woman’s Diary.

Charley Jego of the Freeman Movie Production tells us more about this movie The Fisher Woman’s Diary.

TNM: Why the Fisherwoman’s Diary?

Charley Jego: After so many failed attempts to find true love I went into a search seeking to find the true meaning of love. Then I realized I could share these new findings with the public and when one of the members of the team came up with a story of a blind girl who is so much loved by an illiterate boy I found it a perfect scenario to tell a true love story.

Due to that, I realized that I could intensify this story by giving the protagonist a painful life experience of being a blind girl in a poor locality helping her father to fish and sell her catch, and finally having to lose her nine siblings and her father. She meets someone who is ready to sacrifice his optic nerve so she can see again.

After promising this guy that if she ever gets a chance to see him again she will marry him, the question is after giving her his optic nerve did she marry him? This story only deserves to be called a story of a Fisherwoman and what better artistic way can we put it except to call it Fisher woman’s diary”

TNM: Wow, that’s an intense plot Who are those involved in this short film?

Charley Jego: As cast, we have Buli Emmanuel, Nuela Ndu Emany, Chatherine Elangwe, Agume Paul Ebong, Apuh Robert Ewage, Eyang Achalle Margarate, Neba Kelly Bright Manka, and the story is written by Junior Boniface Wakam.

TNM: Would it be okay, if we attribute this to The Fisherman’s Diary?

Charley Jego: This story I must say has no link to the Fisher man’s diary except for the fact that they were all filmed in the same location.

The Fisher man’s diary talks of a girl who seeks to be educated while the Fisher woman’s diary talks of a blind girl who seeks to gain her sight again and find happiness and peace. I salute Kang Quintus, but this short film moves in a different direction.

TNM: When should we expect this Film?

Charley Jego: This film dropped on the 18 of June 2021 at 12 midnight on our YouTube channel called Achombo and this film is a comic drama telling a love story.

TNM: Tell us more about the journey of movie production?

Charley Jego: The journey as a film producer has not really been easy, my greatest success comes from the fact that I learned all the skills required to run a film agency, otherwise I am not sure to be at this level. Being a graphic designer, videographer and editor helped me in producing all my movies.

It’s really been hard marketing as the community does not really appreciate Cameroon films and also coupled with the fact that there are no established systems to market films in Cameroon. That’s why many filmmakers seek for their movies to go on Amazon Prime, Hulu, Netflix, and many more external distribution houses. Well, that has not stopped me from producing as I still make money from it even though not that much.

TNM: What are some of the Films Freeman Movie Production has produced?

Charley Jego: We have produced over six short films at this time and also movies such as POWER OF WISDOM, ACT OF FOOLISHNESS, and ENJEMA and you can find them on my YouTube channels, Freeman movie production, and also on Achombo.

TNM: How does the Production come up with Funds?

Charley Jego: I have several skills that help me raise funds for myself. I do not only handle my projects but other film markers’ as well, from which I earn money.

I also work at Biggy237 as an animation expert, as well as other income sources like building websites and also events coverage. This helps me to raise funds to pursue my acting career and also support the Freeman Movie Production vision.

TNM: That’s a very heavy portfolio. So, is Freeman Movie Production Registered at the Ministry?

Charley Jego: We are registered under the ministry of arts and culture and truth be told we have never received any funds from the ministry maybe we don’t just know how it works or they may have to call us but we have never received a call since I registered the film house.

Sometimes I ask myself if it was a waste of time, looking at the stress I went through to get it and yet not even a call for this long. As a producer I belong to the Cameroon film producers Association too.

TNM: Tell us more about your successes in the movie industry?

Charley Jego: We have gotten several awards such as the seven mountains awards in 2019 which came as a result of the production of the movie Power of wisdom. Personally, I have gotten several recognitions in organizations such as Jongo hub.

TNM: Do you think Fisherwoman’s Diary will make waves like the Fisherman’s Diary?

Charley Jego: Yes! Because it’s an amazing story and it only deserves the recognition and admiration of the Cameroon community and the Diaspora.

TNM: Should we call the Fisherwoman’s Diary an Imitation of the Fisherman’s Diary?

Charley Jego: This is a topic I knew right from the start I cannot avoid; firstly I would say no one owns the right to a title or creativity. If one Google’s he or she would realize that there are over 5 to 10 different books and plays titled the Fisher man’s diary.

Also, did you know that the movie Broken by Syndy Emade also has its rivals as there are film projects in other countries titled BROKEN?

You can Google it or YouTube it and find out for yourself. So are we saying that Syndy Emade is too big for the public to ask her this same question or Mr. Kang himself? I wish to say as long as your stories are not the same u can use any title you want.

In Nigeria, there is a movie titled Act Of Love, in Cameroon act of FOOLISHNESS, and in America act of Vengeance. So because Mr. Kang produced Fisher man’s diary, it does not mean anybody else cannot produce Fisher anything diary.

Well, there is no film at the ministry of culture registered as Fisher woman’s diary and so I cannot be taken to Court for any copyright abuse.The Fisher woman’s diary is a complete opposite of the Fisher man’s diary two separate stories which are very inspirational and wish to publicly focus on supporting the Cameroon film industry.

TNM: What are some other important facts you want to note?

Charley Jego: I wish to say whatever I do, I do it not just for myself but for the Cameroon society and filmmakers. The Achombo project will breach the gap between filmmakers and consumers.

I am looking at bringing the biggest dream of film makers in Cameroon, hosting a film distribution company. Yes people have bizarre ideas about politicians but not the ones who are sole proprietors. My desire is to create a platform that will bring countless numbers of job opportunity for the Cameroonians.

TNM: Apart from this Project, which other is in the Pipeline?

Charley Jego: I must say that my film house is not stopping here as many more film projects are coming up that will amaze the public. I am also very grateful to Mr. Kang Quintus for the great work he has done opening Cameroon to the world and also giving an opportunity to filmmakers to become great.

My team and I have seized that opportunity because 80% of filmmakers project is marketing and if using Fisher woman’s diary will help our marketing and will not also sabotage Mr. Kang Quintus, but make his project look great and important, then I think we should go for it because at the end it’s all Cameroon and all greatness and awareness goes to Cameroon and all glory goes to God the creator of the universe.

TNM: Who is Charley Jego?

Charley Jego

Charley Jego: My name is Billa Charles Nde artistically called Charley Jego, I am from the North West Region of Cameroon precisely Mankon. I am from a family of five and also a graduate with a B. Sc in Political Science and public administration from the University of Buea.

My gift is acting, singing, and storytelling while my skills are graphic design, video editing, web development, motion graphic, and sound engineering which I learned while in school working part-time for companies like Hi TV, LDtv, Impact TV, Jongo Hub, and High Rock music and film production.

After graduation as a political scientist, I decided to look for a sector in Cameroon which I could help develop and solve a particular need in the country. What other industry could I have chosen if not the film industry since I was already earning extra money?

I started my own film production house called Freeman movie production during my last days in school and started producing movies such as POWER OF WISDOM, ACT OF FOOLISHNESS, and the popularity of them all ENJEMA.

Producing these films were so stressful due to the fact that there was no hope in the marketing and so as a politician, I only thought of solutions so I started a company called ACHOMBO which is responsible for the distribution of Cameroon films online.

As a web developer, I build the website called and so to make it easy to market the website we started a YouTube channel which will be latter on open to every filmmaker for the production of short films for the growth of the Chanel and promotion of Achombo. It has proven so successful.

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Be on alert for more good tidings from Charley Jego and his team. Which movies of Freeman Movie Production have you watched?? drop your COMMENT HERE!

You Were Reading: After Fisherman’s Diary Comes Fisherwoman’s Diary: Meet Charley Jego As He Shares More Insights On This.

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