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African Mothers And Child Sex Education.

You Are Reading: African Mothers And Child Sex Education.

Children are amazing and so peculiar thus, should be taken proper care of.

When children are not nurtured and taught certain critical issues like sex education, they become vulnerable.

Parenting is a very delicate job and parents should care, love, protect and educate their children with a special focus.

Needless to say, it is important for parents to establish a cordial relationship with their children.

One advantage is that educating them becomes an easier feat to accomplish. And which parent wouldn’t want that?

What is Sex Education?

Sex education is the instruction on issues relating to human sexuality, including emotional relations and responsibilities, human sexual anatomy, sexual activity, sexual reproduction, age of consent, reproductive health, reproductive rights, safe sex, birth control, and sexual abstinence.

Who Should Children Learn Sex Education From?

Common sources for sex education include parents or caregivers, formal school programs, and public health campaigns.

Parents have the task to teach their children sex education.

Sex education should be constructively taught to children especially in our technological times where children can learn anything via TV or social media.

Parents should be able to instill consciousness into their little children to make them aware.

Explaining the facts of life is not a one-off lecture, but an ongoing conversation, which is continuous.

The fact that some parents did not learn sex education with their parents makes it difficult for them to communicate with their own children.

Some Challenges of Sex Education by Parents

While many do not even know how to go about the discussion, others fear that their children might want to experiment with sex before they are mature enough to deal with it.

Other parents will rather allow schools to deal with it the way they want but this is not ideal because they have their own role to play as well.

Given that children are more vulnerable to violations like rape, sexual harassment, sexual exploitation.

It is important to educate them and create awareness. When parents continue to wait for the right moment, they miss the best opportunities.

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You Are Reading: African Mothers And Child Sex Education.

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