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African Americans Returning To Africa: What Is Your Take?

You Are Reading: African Americans Returning to Africa: What is your take?

The Black-to-Africa movement was based on the widespread belief in the 18th and 19th century United States that African Americans would return to the continent of Africa.

In general, the movement was an overwhelming failure; very few former slaves wanted to move to Africa.

But recently black-African Americans are moving to Africa, to countries like Ghana, Uganda, and maybe others which are still be written about.

Ghana to Black Americans: Come home!

African Americans Returning to Africa

Ghanaians tell black Americans that they should come home as they emphasized that “We’ll help you build a life here”

As the United States faces racism challenges, the outrage of police killings, leaders in Ghana says they are rolling out the welcome mat for black Americans who want to get away from the turmoil.

The government has negotiated with local chiefs, to earmark 500 acres of land near the center of the nation for newcomers, carving out enough space for about 1500 families.

The number of visitors in 2019 from January to September leaped by 237,000 – a 45% increase according to the Ghana Tourism Authority, most came from the United States to roughly 30.000 American expatriates live in Ghana.

The government has urged people to stop calling them foreigners (A previous marketing campaign cast the Americans as “brothers and sisters”).

Now, the government is expanding the idea with the new initiative ” Beyond the Return” which invites black people to invest financially and socially in Ghana.

According to officials, the country is making a pathway to citizenship easier for foreigners and reforming the Visa process to make the country more accessible to travelers.

NFL veteran Malcolm Jenkins is buying land to build a vacation home in Ghana. After having visited three times, Jenkins continues to explore history.

NFL veteran Malcolm Jenkins

What then is your take when you hear that black Americans are returning to Africa.

“Do you see Africa being the reserve continent for the overpopulation in Developed countries, because not only African Americans are coming to Africa”

Indirectly, China is also expanding its tentacles to Africa through development.

The white man’s grave as described in history books is now the last resort for settlement, as black Americans run for their lives because of racism and killings.

The movement is spreading like wildfire, apart from Ghana, I think other African countries should start preparing the grounds to receive their long-time brothers who crossed in the United States and possibly Europe.

Because gradually, the bills, climate change, poverty, racism, killings, immorality, are driving some of our African Americans crazy.

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You Were Reading: African Americans Returning to Africa: What is your take?

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