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Achu And Yellow Soup: It’s Amazing Health Benefits

You Are Reading: Achu And Yellow Soup: It’s Amazing Health Benefits

Achu and Yellow soup is a typical African Traditional dish of the Ngemba clan in Cameroon. It is a dish so abundant in various food nutrients.

This traditional dish, because of its richness, has become so popular that it is now eaten all over the country and in many countries of the world.

The process to come out with a tasty dish of Achu and Yellow Soup is in three stages; the preparation, the actual pounding, and the Yellow soup preparation

The main ingredients for preparing Achu and Yellow soup are coco-yams, banana, red palm oil, cow meat and skin, salt, magi, Limestone (Niki), achu soup spices, and pepper.

The pepper is only for those who eat it. In my village setting, the coco-yams and bananas are harvested from the farm while the other ingredients are bought from the market or store. Of course, in a city, one has to buy all the parts.

The traditional plates (banana leaves) are also harvested and warmed over a glowing fire then split into rectangular forms ready for use in the second stage to tie the achu (coco-yam fufu) itself.

In a city, we use a dish in place of the leaves.

Health Benefits of Achu and Yellow Soup

  • Considering its ingredients, Achu and Yellow Soup are very rich in Carbohydrates from the coco-yams.
    Proteins from the meat.
  • Vitamins from red palm oil and vegetable.
  • Fats oils from the red palm oil.
  • Calcium from the yellow soup
  • The yellows soup also fixes minor stomach upsets.

Cameroon is blessed with different types of dishes and every one of them is unique as they all represent different ethnic groups.

Some are widely known like Eru and even achu for their health benefits and the love people have for it.

Eru is widely consumed and because of this, it has put Cameroon on the good record of being a country blessed with good cultural dishes.

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You Were Reading: Achu And Yellow Soup: It’s Amazing Health Benefits

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