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A Career Vs A Job: What Do Cameroonians Go For?

You Are Reading: A Career Vs A Job: What Do Cameroonians Go For?

A career is an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person’s life and with opportunities for progress. It is a journey through learning, work as well as other aspects of life.

A career entails a set of different jobs a person has held, titles earned, and works accomplished usually over a long period of time. For many people, a career means the part of life that is concerned with employment but consists of a variety of experiences that you have undertaken throughout your life.

Still, to others, a career sums the total of decisions that directs your educational, social, economic, political as well as even spiritual endeavors that shape and reflect our unique personality characteristics and basic life values.

Whereas, a job is a paid position of regular employment. It could also be a task, especially one that is paid. A job is an activity, often regular and often performed in exchange for payment. Many people even have multiple jobs.

In Cameroon today, a lot of people say that a career path is not an option for them. First of all, to get started with a career is not an easy task as they say that passions and curriculum activities are usually changed later during the course of life due to the difficulties of life.

Many Cameroonians decry the possibility of studying a course in school and working out a career path in it. Sooner than later, for fear of going hungry and being chased out of the house by the landlord, many people rather resort to jobs that will earn them money to settle their basic necessities as living a comfortable life in Cameroon according to some is more of a luxury.

While many especially the elderly advise that careers must be passion and purpose-oriented to sustain it, personal commitments must be made individually to forge ahead amidst the undeniable challenges that come with such pursuits.

Careers are determinant of who we are and the legacy we intend to leave behind. Besides, no one says careers do not bring in income. How consistent you are is very vital as experiences and expertise accumulate over time making you better and living you at peace because of your know-how.

Statistically speaking, 1in 12 youths are contented with their current earnings and career path process development.

Here’s a survey classified with major responses:

As a youth, I need to pay my bill that is to start with. I need to eat, cloth and shelter myself. Thinking of a career where I will have to start, build, grow and progress is like an added burden on my shoulders, affecting my mental health” says group A of some young Cameroonians.

Getting a job, even if it is temporal is a blessing as I am certain of my daily bread continued appreciatively said another set of youths.

Some subconsciously believed lies fed via the media, be it news, films or social media make us think the better is only abroad.

Such mentality comfort grips are as follows:

It is only in Europe where you can confidently and successfully ascertain a career path to follow and not in Cameroon as hardship has wiped away this craves of every young child.

Another failing and mentally degrading speech are:
“Most people just want and will prefer a job that they are sure will fetch them some coins to sort a couple of life’s problems here and there. With a career, that is a whole journey and at worst you are not even sure if the end will be fruitful. Unlike a job wherein you just need specific task descriptions done, for a fixed amount of money upon delivering your services.

Despite the pauper and fright mentality encroaching the minds of some youths, many still hold firm to the desires of their hearts to sail through their careers in life despite the huddles, shifting and changing the narratives of negative strongholds.

It is better to be purpose-driven, as passion keeps one going with the expectations that the days ahead are promising. Trusting the process and visualizing the light at the end of the tunnel will keep all those who believe in a better tomorrow, by making today count happy, live, and ignited to strive on.

There are hurdles no doubt but staying true to your passion for that path in your career will make you outstanding, embrace the challenges, and be refined.

Use jobs to be able to further your career path and you realize it’s easier than you imagined.

Whats your perspective on the topic? Share them in the comment section below!

You Were Reading: A Career Vs A Job: What Do Cameroonians Go For?

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Ajua Daniela Ngefac

Love this!!! Can we have the name of the author at the end of each article? This blog is lit!

Stella Bercley Eyabi

Wow a well debated topic simplified

[…] ALSO READ: A Career Vs A Job: What Do Cameroonians Go For? […]

[…] ALSO READ: A Career Vs A Job: What Do Cameroonians Go For? […]

[…] ALSO READ: A Career Vs A Job: What Do Cameroonians Go For? […]