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A Boy Child Expecting To Feed Off the Purse Of A Lady: How Normal Is This?

You Are Reading: A Boy Child Expecting To Feed Off the Purse Of A Lady: How Normal Is This?

It is generally believed that it is the man who is supposed to work hard and provide financially for his family.

In our modern times, girls will not even come an inch close to a man who is not successful. To have a partner, you must be financially capable to take care of her needs.

These days, we all admire wearing the latest fashion designs, holding the latest phone, or being associated with popular and successful brands.

I’m addition, we require that our partners be active in supporting these goals.

I once sat listening to a lady as she lamented about how life had not treated her fairly.

Once her pity party was over, she exclaimed with a sigh of relief, “Thank God I am a girl! I can never sleep hungry”.

Talk of being taken aback! In her opinion, being a girl was the automatic guarantee of her daily bread.

I equally understood from her discourse that it was a man’s responsibility to feed and make all necessary provisions for a girl.

Let me share a story I once heard with you. A lady once said, “I did not come to America to work and give a boy to eat”.

She was essentially saying that her earnings could not be spent, in any significant way, on a man.

These stories are to reinforce my point that the popular, politically correct opinion in our African context is that males should be the ultimate providers in a romantic relationship.

I am sure these stories are not surprising to you.

Out of every ten young girls, eight expect to land in a relationship where the man will give her heaven on earth.

However, most recently, I heard a very shocking thing.

My little neighbor, a fifteen-year-old boy, told me: “Aunty, as you see me like this if a girl is not rich or does not come from a wealthy family, I shall have no links and dealings with her”.

I thought I didn’t hear him well. He further explained, “She must regularly give me money for me to love her”.

All I told him was that as he grew he would have opportunities to assess life and revisit his thoughts.

He replied that I was “only saying but my own”. In English, that he was very sure I was wrong.

I will not pretend. I have heard of men who marry women because they are financially stable; women who will feed and clothe them and even put a roof over their head.

I will not make an opinion towards this subject matter now. This is because I believe each situation is unique.

However, I will love to hear from you. What’s your take? In a romantic relationship, who is to be tagged “Provider”?

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You Were Reading: A Boy Child Expecting To Feed Off the Purse Of A Lady: How Normal Is This?

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