2021 Prove To Us Talent Exhibition: Read This Before You Register!

You Are Reading: 2021 Prove To Us Talent Exhibition: Read This Before You Register!

Prove To Us Talent Exhibition An Annual talent competition presented by Prove To Us Talent Network, for dancers, singers, comedians, and different performers. This array of performers have to prove to us that they deserve a share of our CFA1 Million cash and other prizes.


  • FEE
    • Solo Act: 10,000 CFA Non-Refundable Registration Fee
    • Group Act(5 persons max):15,000 CFA Non-Refundable Registration Fee
  • A Professional or Clean On-stage picture of you or your group
  • Deadline for registration and picture submission: July 24th.

The Audition

There are a few things our jury will be focused on, which are but not limitted to:

  1. Overall Performance. A judgement on the contestant’s ability to present original material that draws a positive response from the audience with personality, originality and poise.
  2. Audience Response.
  3. Stage Appearance and Presence.
  4. Originality.
  5. Personality.
  6. Creativity.
  7. Organization/Coordination.

Audition Dates & Respective Cities

This year’s preselection will be very brief and will not respect your region of origin. Meaning you can audition in any city you find yourself.

  1. 31st July – Limbe
  2. 7th August – Bamenda
  3. 14th August – Dschang
  4. 21st August – Yaounde
  5. 28th August – Douala & Kumba
  6. 4th September – Buea

Audition Evaluation

  1. Online Votes 50% – During auditions, we will take a video of your performance, which will be uploaded on our IG and Facebook pages. Your links will be sent for you to share and have people cast votes within 7 days period.
  2. Audition Overall Performance 50%

Note: On Audition day, you will only be given results for your Overall Performance. Your online voting results which come up right after your audition will influence you to go to the next stage.

Next Stage: 5,000CFA Community Project

Prove To Us Talent Network is dedicated to empowering talented persons across the world. We believe everyone with a skill or talent should equally know how to contribute to developing their community.

He who is faithful in little is faithful in much. If our contestants can do a community project on a 5,000CFA budget, we believe they will do more when their talent stats paying off.

Its a culture we are building

A budget of 5000 CFA will be made available for all contestants who make it up to this stage. The task will simply be: Take this money and bring back a report of a community project you did.

The vidoes, pics and report from the projects will be uploaded online and based on our review and puplic opinion, the most outstanding project on a 5000CFA budget MAY be rewarded with a prize.

Talent Empowerment

As part of our objectives, we want every act that makes it through to get empowered in different areas like Monetizing their art, How to understand and deal with contracts, How to build a community around their art, How to build great Character traits, How to use social media as a marketing tool and much more topics!

These lessons will be done online by key figures in the industry. At the end of the lessons, the contestants will be given an exam to evaluate how much they mastered everything they were taught. The best student will be rewarded! The calendar for these lessons will run from October 1st to November 1st, 2021.

Voting Details

Voting carries 50% of your total results.

Voting will be powered by, Cameroon based online paid voting platform. A vote will cost 250Frs. 25% from these earnings will go to for their service, while 75% will be used to support the ProveToUs team in funding the competition, given that we currently have no sponsors and what we do is not for profit.

Voting will run from October 1st till November 19th 2021.

The Finals

The finals is slated for November 20th, 2021, in Buea Cameroon

Finals Rundown

  1. Level One
  2. Level Two
  3. Level Three (Final)

Grand Cash Prize : 1,000,000 CFA


  1. 500,000 CFA – Winner
  2. 300,000 CFA – First Runnerup
  3. 200,000 CFA – Second Runnerup

Other prizes will include, but not limitted to endorsement deals, services, products.

Performance Criteria

  • 80% Cameroon, 20% Foreign
  • No Adult Content/Expression, keep it Family & Kid Friendly

You have come to the end. We reserve the rights to update this page. However, all contestants will be informed.

Want to register? CLICK HERE!

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You Are Reading: 2021 Prove To Us Talent Exhibition: Read This Before You Register!

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